Stunning Macro Photographs of Insects Glowing in the Morning Dew

French photographer David Chambon is a master of macro insect photography. An amateur photographer for over 10 years, his goal is to capture the magical beauty of nature through his imagery. All of his macro shots are amazing, but it’s his morning dew series that stands out from the rest. He ventures out early in the morning, and photographs various insects perched on flowers and leaves, glowing from the tiny beads of dew that coat their bodies.

Originally from Lyon, France, Chambon currently resides in Dampierre-les-Bois. His photographs are mostly shot using a Canon EOS-1D Mark III at 252mm. I’m guessing he’s using a Canon 180/3.5L macro lens paired with a 1.4x teleconverter, which changes it into a 252mm f/4.5 macro lens. [Update: Jeremy tells us it’s a Tamron 180mm macro lens]

You can find more of his work on his website and in his Flickr and 500px accounts.

(via Colossal)

Image credits: Photographs by David Chambon and used with permission