Canon 6D Photos and Specs Leak: 20MP Sensor and a D600-esque Price Tag

Canon’s rumored entry-level full-frame DSLR, the 6D, is becoming more and more real. Digicam-info published a bunch of leaked specs and a couple of photos today. If the information is accurate, then Canon will soon have a DSLR that matches up well against Nikon’s new D600 in both price and specs.

The camera will reportedly feature a 20.2 megapixel CMOS sensor, the DIGIC5+ image processing engine, an ISO range of 100-25600 (expandable to 50-102400), a small body (the size of an APS-C sensor camera), a magnesium alloy built (some parts, at least), built-in Wi-Fi (wow), built-in GPS, 11 autofocus points, 4.5fps continuous shooting, a shutter rated for 100,000 actuations, 1/180 second sync, shutter speed that ranges from 30s to 1/4000s, weatherproofing, a 3-inch LCD screen, and 1080p HD video recording.

The camera will reportedly hit shelves in December 2012 with a Japanese retail price of ¥195,000 (~$2500). Since gear is usually priced more cheaply in the US, the cost should be comparable to the Nikon D600’s $2100 price tag. It’ll also be packaged with a 24-105mm kit lens for a higher price.

It seems that Canon and Nikon either communicate about their in-development products or have extremely good intel, since neither is too far behind when the other introduces something interesting.

  • Ítalo Brito

    So except for the autofocus, it’ll be a worse 5D Mark II.

  • Nikon

    Over 2k?!?! I rather save and get a 5D Mk III. Geez…

  • bzz

    If their flash sync is 1/180… then i dont like it…

  • Kay O. Sweaver

    Ditto on the 1/180. WTF?

    WiFi is cool. I’m still crossing my fingers that there’s some news about a 70D soon.

  • CooperB

    Is there an external sync?

  • Mansgame

    Collusion in price and specs?

  • dopehead

    I call BS on this whole thing. Built in Wi-Fi? A slow sync speed like 1/180 when normally it goes 100 125 160 200… riiiigght….

  •!/thelonelylights Adam Cross

    Saw the specs on canonrumours earlier today and it just doesn’t seem right to me – I call shenanigans

  • David Thunander

    Why not put the wifi in the mark III damn you canon :/

  • ajbatac

    Of course the images are pixelated and blurry.

  • novo

    This look like a fake picture to me

  • Arnold Newman

    Unbelievable that Canon would include wi-fi on this and not the 5D3. Ticks me off, actually, as that is a very useful feature.

  • Nikki

    slow sync speed, slow burst rate, only 11 autofocus points. Not interested.

  • brob

    I don’t understand the need for this

  • Nate

    Wifi is great but why only 100k Actuations?

  • srrere

    bulls**t.,. canon would never release such a crippled camera… sucks compared to the D600

  • CX1

    looks way shopped

  • David Rychart

    Or just get a used 5D2 for hundreds cheaper like I did.

  • Antonio Carrasco

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Jerrit Pruyn

    Sync Speed and focus points are a joke.

  • Kevin

    Fake photo

  • Costanza

    Shenanigans I tell ya!

  • name

    i feel sad for canon users

  • John Kantor

    Canon and Nikon have always been a Duopoly: they have controlled the market for high end equipment and colluded (though probably not overtly) to ensure prices remain high and low end cameras remain crippled. Luckily the rapid change in technology has encouraged competition from other manufacturers trying to muscle in on their territory.

  • dk

    many brand start to war in full frame market. even in compact like sony

  • Jim

    70D please, wanna replace my 4 years old 450D..

  • calvillo

    Sounds like a full frame Rebel to me. 1/160 flash synch? Apparently they don’t think peeps use flash outdoors. Time to get your 5DII’s or III’s.

  • eos

    I’m keeping my 7D!

  • Norbert Alleaume

    U did not mention the liveview range of the canon 6d only 97% sad :(

  • Norbert Alleaume

    They will dont know whats happening to the canon engineers.becoming morrons or taking us as morrons

  • Raven Faust

    buy me one!

  • Jesse

    Really hope this thing has a swivel screen, though it probably won’t (why?!) And 1/180th shutter sync is a joke…

  • Nikon

    I would but I have used the two and I do not care for the terrible AF system 5D2 has.