Celebrity Booking Photos Photoshopped Into Vintage 1920s Mugshots

Earlier this year, a set of mugshots from the 1920s showing Australian criminals made the rounds on the Internet. When art director Michael Jason Enriquez came across this portraits, he was struck by the artsy-ness of the photos. He writes,

There’s a strange connection that draws us into vintage photographs. Seeing doppelgängers (look-a-likes) in old pictures is our brain’s way of linking us to the past. We see what isn’t there – someone recognizable, a family member, maybe a friend, and then there are the ones that bear an uncanny resemblance to modern day celebrities. We’re so used to seeing celebrity faces on our tv, on blogs, and we even know what their mugshots look like. The tacky looking mugshots we have today are in stark contrast to the mugshots taken in the 1920’s. Vintage mugshots have an eerie beauty to them that’s lost in current mugshot photography. What would celebrity mugshots, the ones we’ve become accustomed to seeing on TMZ, look like if instead they were taken in the 1920’s?

Enriquez decided to find out, and created Mugshot Doppleganger, a website to which he posts Photoshopped images of celebrity booking portraits fused with 1920s mugshots.

Mugshot Doppleganger (via Beautiful/Decay)

  • Samcornwell

    That’s mighty clever, and it almost works. Perhaps using the real celeb mugshots may have been more effective. Also where’s Hugh Grant, OJ & George Michael?

  • Chris Popely

    They look like low res lossy JPEGS ‘shopped onto the originals. 2-3 of them aren’t even the same colour at the original pictures.

  • sierrarobba

    Looks ghastly.Sorry but thats the true.

  • rtfe

    about a thousand more celebs have seen bars

  • millie

    Look at Nick Nolte…his is the worst! They look like I did them and that means an amateur that is just learning to photoshop. Horrible!