Hilarious Customer “Reviews” for the Hasselblad H4D-50 on Amazon

If you look at the product page of any “exotic” piece of camera equipment on Amazon, there’s a good chance that you’ll come across some humorous fake reviews left by photographers looking to poke fun at the product’s features. Last September, we shared some funny reviews left for the Sigma 200-500mm, which looks more like a bazooka than a lens. Another one is the Hasselblad H4D-50, a medium format DSLR that costs $19,000… as an open box demo. You can probably guess what the reviews poke fun at.

Here are some of the top reviews, sorted by their “helpfulness”:

never looked back…

i sold my family into white slavery to secure the funds necessary for the purchase of this stellar piece of camera equipment. i must say i’ve never regretted my decision and as a bonus; i never have my kids bothering me about borrowing my camera anymore. [#]

The box is what is so great about it!

I used the money from my daughters college funds to pay for this item and I must say that it came in the greatest quality box I have ever seen. You can use this box as a hat, glove, or even just a place for your cat to sleep. The camera is also decent I can take pictures of my box and I can see every detail when I look at the images. I own a horse. [#]

got it at a discount!

I picked this baby up at the swap meet in El Segundo. The guy wanted 25K but when I told him I was a cop and only had 20K cash on me he sold it to me. I never regretted the purchase. It took amazing photos. Unfortunately I don’t have it anymore. I ended up trading it straight across for a 2010 corvette to a Hollywood producer looking to upgrade from his 110 instamatic. [#]

Absolutely top notch

I’m one of the scientists working at NASA on the Hubble Deep Field project, and managed to convince the project management team to forgo a high-power scanning antenna for two of these cameras. We sent up the latest module with one of these wired into the module’s communications relay system, and are planning to use it for deep-space imaging. The module should be online and operational by December 2011, and I am seriously anticipating the first tests. The second camera has been used extensively to photograph the Pleiades cluster from Earth with astonishing results. Unfortunately, due to atmospheric lensing, the pictures are slightly blurry, leading to complications making out the detail of the atomic structure of the stars’ cores. Only 4 stars because a $29,000 camera should come with a quantum tunneling sub-system for short range photonic teleportation to avoid the lensing problem. [#]

You can check out the product page here. Do you know of any other photo products on Amazon with humorous reviews? Share them with us in the comments!

(via Reddit)

Image credit: Lack of money is the root of all evil – George Bernard Shaw by artist in doing nothing

  • Samcornwell

    Is there any chance that the NASA review is real? The guys cruise Reddit after all.

  • Dario Toledo

    Lol the first comment is awesome.

  • Brian French

    The best has got to be I must admit I did not buy this monster of a lens – it came to me the old fashion way (no it wasn’t stolen) my parents purchased it for me – they have more disposable income than I. Well after having had it for a little while, there are a few things I have learned: 1. Don’t unleash this beast around other photographers or anyone else for that matter unless you are a total camera snob and are trying to compensate for certain inadequacies. 2. Use a monster tripod – this beast weighs over 100 lbs.. 3. Let the lens come to ambient temperature before using. 4. Do not use it for photographing ANYTHING from the deck of your home in San Francisco – unless you want your neighbors phoning SFPD complaining that you are a voyeur – SFPD was impressed with my photos of the Palace of Fine Arts and Alcatraz. Now I wanted this lens for nature photography – this is what I do for fun. Unfortunately, I think the lens is much too large and heavy to be transported with any ease other than hiring a Sherpa.

  • Michael Zhang

    For those of you who don’t want to click through:
    “doesnt come with a lens, beware!!!!

    Bought to take pictures on my vacation to Disney, but was disappointed that it did not come with a lens for picture taking. Also, no video mode!!! Buyer beware!!!”

  • Kamo

    “I can take pictures of my box and I can see every detail when I look at the images.”

    Sounds like every gear head I know.

  • Marc

    I saw that review on the B+H website a couple months back, and that’s totally what I expected to see here. What some folks contribute to the gene pool…

  • kgro

    Beside the box one, the other reviews are just lame.

  • John Milleker
  • Tomi Tarkin

    exactly! :D

  • Tomi Tarkin

    The best line: “I own a horse”. :DDD

  • Jan Schenker

    well i have one… so who is laughing?

  • Eziz

    Obviously, you failed at getting the joke

  • Eziz

    Obviously, you failed at getting the joke

  • Chris Popely

    It does make you wonder, some people really do have more money than sense.

  • Ryan Troop

    I believe that would be Hasselblad, and their current bank.

  • Oliver Lea

    I.. the.. No. Not even slightly.

  • Frenchy

    i think they are not fake, just americans review