Bizarre Portraits of People With the Back of Their Heads as Beards

Upside Down (Faces) is a bizarre portrait project by Milano, Italy-based photographer Davide Tremolada. The photos show the front and back sides of individuals digitally blended into a single head, with the backside of the head serving as a giant beard. The resulting look is quite surreal, especially if the subject already had a beard to begin with.

Tremolada writes,

The faces are joined with their own nape (in differentways according to the single person) and are both visible at the same time, a sight that is impossible to have in real life. This act of “merging” creates a surrealistic effect, where the people watching the photos tend to move the eyes from one side to the other, without finding a fixed place, a sight that can give a whole vision of the face. Here document and fantasy are brought together, playing with the thin limit that characterizes photography. We are here between reality and a the way the artist can use and modify it with its own will.

You can find more photos from this project over on Behance.

Thanks for sending in the tip, Jack!

Image credit: Photographs by Davide Tremolada

  • Samcornwell

    I have absolutely nothing constructive to add. Hooray for creativity. Boo for lack of colour in our digital age.

  • Matthew Neumann

    This seems rather pointless and uninteresting.

  • Please do.

    Pointless is taking a picture of a bird standing on a rock, a random shot into the forest or a long shutter-speed picture of a stadium. Just saying. This is awesome, really clean.

  • Tom Bryan


  • Michael D

    When this has become necessary, Art is dead.

  • Spaceman

    Not if that rock is on Mars or if recreating 70s porn. Got nothing on stadium

  • Anthony Harrison

    I like it

  • rtfe

    cry about it though, that’s worth something

  • Anthony Luke


  • Matthew Neumann

    Typical of a commenter on here to diss another commenter while hiding behind their anonymous un-linked internet profile. I’m sure I’ve sold more prints of that bird on a rock and stadium than this guy has of his head-beards, so those pictures have put food on my table and a roof over my head… that’s pointless, how? And the forest shot…you’re right…it’s just a random cellphone shot into the forest. However, people who were observant enough to notice the silhouette of me in it (you weren’t one of them, apparently), thought it was pretty cool. So, kindly suck it, chickenshit.

  • Amber Smith

    Your comment seems rather pointless and uninteresting. As does the majority of your other ones on this site from your -not so anonymous, needs attention- linked profile. Typical for someone who’s taken a few snapshots, sold a few copies, and suddenly thinks he’s a photographer. Not everyone has an internet profile or cares enough to receive updates from somebody that can’t even offer constructive criticism on something he doesn’t like. Yes, please go badmouth some other photos to make yourself feel better about your own work.

    This is the most ANNOYING thing for any person who has made any kind of art ever and the only reason I’m bothering to comment at all. At least this guy had some creativity. Don’t dish it about others when you can’t take it in return. “Suck it, chickenshit.” makes you look really insecure, fyi.

    And in rebuttal to anything that might bounce back, yes, I’ve sold photos and yes I’ve had work on gallery walls. I’m not claiming to be some fabulous artist, but to someone who thinks so highly of his critique, at least I know how to give one. Sorry you got the shit-end of the deal by being the guy that my patience ran out on, though I’m sure all of this is going to go in one ear and out one other, so to speak. On behalf of artists everywhere, I’ve said my piece and I’m bowing out.

  • rtfe

    you seem rather pointless and uninteresting.

  • rtfe

    “…lack of colour in our digital age”???! that statement embodies a certain flare for ignorance that is usually found on youtube comments, Hooray!!

  • Matthew Neumann

    Hilarious what people think they can surmise from 3 open photos on facebook. I don’t “think I’m a photographer”…I am a photographer. I make my living –fulltime–, as a photographer, which makes me…*gasp*……get this….a photographer.

    And tell me, why should I be so concerned about offering a constructive critique on Petapixel? This isn’t Davide Tremolada’s blog. It’s doubtful he’s even reading any of this. Why waste my breath giving an in depth critique to someone who’s never going to read it. It’s much more entertaining to just troll the sensitive bleeding-heart types here in the comments.

    I thought it was pointless, and that’s that. Feel free to go on looking at it with stars in your eyes. Maybe when you’re old enough to even buy alcohol you’ll wise up to the harsh reality of the world.

  • madmax

    “Everybody has the right to freedom of opinion and expression” (article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights). You, Amber, are behaving like a nazi.
    And I totally agree Matthew: pointless and uninteresting. This is not art, just playing photoshop not better than a boy can do: “Dad, this is me with the head of mom!”

  • Nick


  • Amber Smith

    Yup. Nazi for feeling like he shouldn’t have called another commenter a “chickens**t” and told them to “suck it” because they don’t like his photos and they don’t have a profile linked, when they were simply expressing their own opinions. Nazi for rolling my eyes when he started talking about how many prints he’s sold, like it had something to do with it. Oh and get this, Nazi for even coming to this page from a link posted on my half-Jewish friend’s Facebook wall. Totally. I don’t care who likes these and who doesn’t. Did you see me comment on anybody else’s “meh”? It was the lack of tact that compelled me to speak up. If you notice, I never actually said whether or not I even like these photos. So yeah, feel free to express away. Nazi me will give you the thumbs up.

  • Amber Smith

    It wasn’t the fact that you didn’t like the photos and thought they were uninteresting that bothers me. Everybody has an opinion and that’s fine. It was the second comment that got me. You know, the retaliation to the person who thought your own photo was pointless?

    What makes their opinion about your photo any less valid than the one you had about these? Nothing. What does the fact that they don’t have a linked profile have to do with it? Nothing.

    Quite the overreaction to call them “chickens**t” for not liking your photos, in my opinion. Obviously, they didn’t get your photos any more than you got this guy’s. I honestly have no emotional investment in this other than the fact I felt compelled to call it as I saw it. And I saw your holier-than-thou attitude as irritating.

    I would like to add that while I appreciate your very creative cheap shot at my age, I’ll be twenty-four in November. But thanks. :)

  • madmax

    Amber, I am sorry you feel bad about my comments, but I really don´t care thumbs up or down and you attacked Matthew so hard. My only goal was to express my annoyance with pseudo artists like this -who surely believe we are all idiots- and the right to say it freely.

  • Amber Smith

    I don’t feel bad about your comments. Nor did I think you were an idiot. Yours was actually an opinion I could appreciate for the simple reason that you actually had a reason. I was joking about the thumbs up and I wasn’t attacking Matthew so much as defending the person he told to “suck it”, considering they really hadn’t done anything at all to him to deserve the things HE said. I’ve encountered many a person who appears to have a similar attitude as he does and I finally decided to say something to at least one of them.

    I notice your profile doesn’t link to another social networking site. Which is one of the things that irked me, because he took someone else’s opinion that they thought his own photo was pointless as this GIGANTIC insult and pretty much called them a coward for hiding behind their unlinked profile. Considering that the only difference between he and this person was the unlinked profile… I thought that attack was way out of line. While I may have been harsh, I feel what I said was truthful, otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered. But it was not nearly as harsh or completely uncalled for as his original comment. Sorry, if you misunderstood my intention.

  • Tomi Tarkin

    the taleban fashion is here to stay.. :D

  • jamescampbell


  • Neil Chheda

    Interesting but ugly

  • Néstor René Cussí

    I’ve been following PetaPixel for a while and I hate that comments are increasingly rude. If you don’t like a post is okay to say just watch your prejudices, now that, if you don’t like that someone doesn’t like it and you can’t stand it… it shows that you are not a person who spends time with others and has realized that most people are different and that’s okay. In that sense it’s admiring how Vimeo is a self regulated and respectful community.
    By the way, english is not my first language so if you are comming with a grammar-nazi shotgun, please talk to me on your second language.

  • Michael Zhang

    Thanks for the feedback Nestor,

    Have noticed that as well. We’ll begin removing comments that are simply rude — the ones that contribute nothing to the conversation