Anne Geddes-style Baby Photographs Featuring Adults Instead of Infants

Anne Geddes is known internationally for her trademark-style of baby photos showing infants dressed up like tiny animals, flowers, and various fantasy creatures. VICE magazine recently decided to parody her work, and enlisted the help of photographer Lee Goldup to photograph adults instead of babies in Geddes’ iconic style.

With the help of some shameless models, Goldup shot a series of ridiculous photographs of not-so-cute grownups as sleeping snails, a blooming flower, and more. The resulting photographs are both hilarious and disturbing.

Mixing stereotypical photography styles with subjects that don’t belong can often result in amazingly ridiculous photographs. Another example is a photo series we featured last year showing men posing in stereotypically female pin-up-style poses. That project, by photographer Rion Sabean, didn’t have a hard time at all going viral online.

Image credits: Photographs by Lee Goldup/Vice Magazine and used with permission

  • Kamo

    I like how she picked out chubby models to replicate baby fat.

  • MikeAlgar42

    It kind of makes the whole thing weirder and more alarming. It is bizarre thinking what we do for baby portraits though.

  • tasha

    i think they are cute :D

  • herzco

    I have always detested Anne Geddes’ work, and appreciate this all the more because of it.

  • Mike

    “The resulting photographs are both hilarious and disturbing.”

    It may be a little strong, but I feel that way about Anne Geddes work. :-)

  • Steven Alan


  • jojo


  • jojo


  • brit

    not true. that tulip is man-sized.

  • youp

    that’s just crazy. why go to the trouble of photoshopping when you could just breed a field giant flowers and catch a naked man waking up from a nap inside one? or find a tiny, hairy man-baby to hold photograph in some hands?

  • Dave


  • ok…