Disturbing Attack on Photographer Aired by Discovery Channel Reality Show

People do some pretty dumb things on reality TV shows, but perhaps none more asinine than this. During the filming of the Discovery Channel’s reality TV show The Devils Ride back in January, the camera crew captured footage of a confrontation between one of the show’s subjects and photographer Ashi Fachler, who was taking pictures from a public sidewalk. Here’s the description of the clip above (warning: it’s pretty disturbing):

When a photographer gets too close to a group of club wives and girlfriends enjoying a dinner out, Charles, a Laffing Devils prospect, steps in.

In case you didn’t catch that, Fachler was assaulted by a number of people involved in the show simply because he was getting too close while photographing from a public space.

Here’s an email sent out by his girlfriend after the incident:

There was a filming crew outside the Lincoln Room on the public sidewalk. As he stopped and took a photo, a woman asked him if he was with the press-before he could answer she clicked her PTT and nodded to a security guard who then started pushing Ashi with his shoulder away from the filming crew that was on a public sidewalk. He then faced Ashi and grabbed both of Ashi’s upper arms, holding him firmly and Ashi yelled that this is an assault, get off of me. While being restrained by the first security guard, Ashi was sucker punched from behind and then punched in the face two more times by another person, then Ashi and the security guard went to the ground together where Ashi was kicked and stomped.

Nobody came to his aid or called 911. As soon as he was oriented, he called 911 himself and was taken by ambulance to Scripps Mercy Hospital . He has a fracture to his nasal bone and another fracture in his cheek area. He also has a black eye he cant see out of along with a sprained ankle and sprained neck.

There’s a disturbing photograph of what Fachler’s face looked like in the aftermath of the attack. We’d rather not show it here, but you can see it over on Pixiq.

While the confrontation is definitely “reality TV material”, it’s also wrong. Fachler is reportedly in the process of filing a lawsuit.

(via Pixiq)

  • tttulio

    All for the Lo IQ entertainment.

  • jdm8

    Violence isn’t the solution to this problem, I’d say this is probably worth some time behind some bars for the assailants.

  • Elliot

    Why is Discovery Channel even making a show about these retarded idiots? That they are the subject of a reality show pretty much says it all about their intelligence and capability of being normal and civilized human beings. It’s not them that needs protection but the public needs to be protected from them. These reality shows are like a plague and its subjects are the viruses of humanity!

  • John Mason

    Hope the show does the responsible thing and explains to people that what happen was completely out of line and you can’t just go beating on people in public areas because they have a camera or seem too close. Safe to say, there’s going to be civil as well as criminal prosecution on this one.

  • kingsqueak

    Heh wow, the paparazzo was tangling with a bike gang member? That there is just not very bright.

  • MikeT

    The photographer behaved like a jerk.

  • vale1005

    OOoo big men with little “point and shoots”. And there is no charges for the goon or the gutter snipe I see in the photos?

  • Mike

    Hopefully he wins lawsuit and his demands should be not only shutting the show down but the whole channel as well

  • Mo

    Disgusting & irresponsible behaviour by the people involved in making the show!
    I don’t encourage this kind of behaviour at all, but he should’ve swung his camera struck the idiot in the face with hit.
    I hope he gets his own back.

  • IamRobin

    This is terrible! The photographer should press charges for assault – not just file a law suit. These guys belong in jail.

  • iambryans

    Maybe renaming them from their bodyguards to Photographer Attackers?

    This is sad to watch Discovery go down the same way as TLC. I was hoping that the relation between might hold back the tide of “Hot This Week” Reality drivel… Guess I was wrong

  • bob cooley

    I did jobs on a couple of reality shows (off camera) and the first thing that you learn is that almost everything is loosely scripted. Very little is just ‘fly on the wall’ reality.

    Lines typically aren’t given in traditional script format, but every situation (especially ‘random’ confrontations) are arranged and in the outline.

    It’s likely (and sadly) all part of the show…

    I’d be surprised if you see any actual lawsuits take place over this, other than for additional publicity sake.

  • Tanja Schulte

    who is watching that crap…. i can´t even be bothered to watch this video and i have not.
    i know what to expect.. low lifes who are social retarded. i don´t want to see that and be part of the problem….

  • Jeremy Madore

    How – by being too close to the crew/cast? Or by exercising his right as a photographer to document in a public area? Or perhaps through resisting after he had been detained by unauthorized individuals?

    Curious which part made him a jerk. Moreover, I’d love to hear reasoning why behaving like a jerk is grounds for physical assault from not 1, but 4 people…

  • Sid Ceaser

    I don’t get the beginning of this video; the very first punch we seen thrown was the photographer hitting the bodyguard in the face/head with his camera. Then things escalate from there.

    Why did the photographer throw those punches? I’m sure this video has been edited to hell and we don’t really see how it started, but why not just walk away? Why did he decided to get physical? Why isn’t anyone mentioning that he’s shown smashing his camera into that guys head?

  • seriesrover2

    The photographer smashed his camera into the guys face. Thats not only being a jerk, thats assault.

    I’m open to this being heavily edited, but from the video the photographer started the fight.

  • Mike Philippens™

    I was thinking the same thing. Nothing on tv happens random or spontaneous.

  • Matt


  • Matt

    I really do not think for a moment that the victim started the fight. These POS’s need to be delt with harshly, there is no room for violent thugs like these in our society.

  • branden rio

    It’s working… I’ve never heard of this show before and now I have

  • Scott Hutchison

    All according to the script.

  • brandon

    do people actually pay to watch this crap? I mean, watching it along is bad enough, but..

  • brandon

    wait, i just watched it, holy crap it’s worse than i thought. just knowing that there are people out there like this makes me laugh. so the “old ladies” need “protection” while eating dinner. that’s really funny. what, is the bogey man going to get them?

  • Keiran Blackwell

    The photographer had been grabbed, by two guys, both far larger than himself. That was a no win situation, The end of the clip states the biker hopes that his actions earned the respect of the “brotherhood”… I know bikers, and none of them would think this boy was worth even looking at.

  • Non-Trolling opinion guy

    The paparazzi are generally scumbag shitheads anyway. Mind your business and get out of the way of people doing their work.

  • Samuel

    I imagine a pretty big discovery channel cheque will be arriving to him soon, not that that in any way apologises for this blatant assault.

  • JanetMermaid

    Reality shows are cheap to make, which is why there are now so many of them, but they have reduced television to a wasteland. If only one station would bring back something of true quality entertainment. How about a return to real variety shows (like Carol Burnett, Red Skelton, Ed Sullivan, even Laugh-In). Today’s “got talent” shows do NOT count, since it is all still amateurs instead of actual stars.

  • Scott Hutchison

    Talked to Ashi and I want to retract my Scripted statement. This would have been terrible for any of us. Imagine if there had been no camera crew that day.

  • Tanja Nulte

    So you haven’t watched the video, but you feel free to comment on it? You do love to post nonsense, don’t you?

  • Jonathon Chambers

    From what I observe after going back over it
    1) The guy originally says “get off me” While having a guy in front and behind him. –This suggests to me that the bodyguards aka thugs are messing with the guy not giving him his space.

    2) The photographer then hits the guy in front with the only weapon he has, his camera –this seems to me as a move of self-defense. Even if that was the first hit, he had few choices in the matter especially when he is dealing with massive adrenaline and two big guys surrounding him.

    3) The girl just randomly decides to smash glass over his head when she didn’t need to and then the thug punches him and his friends join in. I would say this is nothing more then Bullying.

    If the law allows this to take place then that sets a precedent that I can go to somewhere to eat, hire a big man to “protect” me and if anyone gets “too close” to me then they will get beat up by the big guy and 4-5 random other people.

    Even if this guy was annoying the actions that those thugs did are illegal and should not be encouraged at all.

  • Alfredo Sánchez

    Discovery has lowered so much its quality, it is now unrecognizable from what it used to be. So much for being cool and hip. Too bad NatGeo is following them down that path.

  • JC

    If we take the photog’s word on it, this would mean this was edited footage that begins with him striking the security guard. Supposedly they hit him first and we see him defending himself.

    Why didn’t he walk away? Its his job to photograph people and he has broken no law.

  • Oskar

    This is unacceptable from a company as Discovery. I am a photographer too, I cannot accept such things. I will stop watching Discovery for and indefinite period of time, as this is the only thing I can do in supporting the attacked photographer. I encourage everybody else do the same.

  • Joe

    I miss the days when I watch Discovery channel to increase my knowledge and not to lower my IQ.

  • fremen9

    What a jerk. He says the photographer was getting too close? He was outside!! What a freaking jerk….