First Photos of Nikon’s Upcoming High-End Coolpix P7700

Nikon Rumors published these first photographs of Nikon’s upcoming high-end compact camera, the Nikon Coolpix P7700. The camera is the successor of the P7100, which was announced on August 24, 2011. This latest model will reportedly arrive almost exactly one year later, on August 22nd, 2012.

The camera features what appears to be a 6-42.8mm f/2-4 lens. The 35mm equivalent isn’t known since we don’t know the size of the sensor used, but NR suggests that it’ll be a 28-200mm lens.

There’s also a swiveling LCD screen on the back that has more directions of movement than the P7100.

If the previous two cameras in the P7XXX line are any indication, the P7700 will likely be priced at exactly $500.

  • OSAM

    Unless it has AT LEAST the 1-series sensor in it, it’s a failure.

  • netabuse

    Fool me once… Having bought both a P7000 and a P7100, I can say uncategorically that they are terrible cameras beset with simply the WORST operating system Nikon has ever put in a product. Slow, laggy, buggy, and sometimes just plain broke, I rushed to return or unload the things.

    They had better get the sotfware right on the P7700; though, it wouldn’t matter to me, because I certainly won’t be buying one.

  • Jim B

    It looks allot like the Canon G series. I love my Canon G 10 & 11!

  • Bill

    I’m not sure how the lack of a 1 series sensor makes the P7700 a failure. Canon’s G series (up until the G1X, which is an entirely different beast) had the same size sensor as the P7000/7100, with no complaints. I would imagine the P7700 will have a larger sensor, but going all the way to the 1 series seems a bit much. If the price point is $500, I would see very little change other than (HOPEFULLY) new software. The clunky, slow software is what kills these cameras, not the sensor size.

  • madmax

    No viewfinder! from bad to worse

  • pleased

    It seems we did not use the same camera. I love my p7000 and take good shots with it with acceptable preformance. Maybe your camera was poorly set. Why would you think they did not improve the sw? Even the p7000 update was a big step. Are you from a competitor’s company?

  • pappu

    i love my nikon s9200