Camera Found at Bottom of Plunge Pool, Last Video Shows How It Got There

Waterproof digital cameras are a great way to document adventures in and around water, but one thing you should be wary about is the fact that cameras sink. Despite being waterproof, shockproof, and a variety of other -proofs, the cameras require a separate floater strap that keep them at the surface of the water if they ever get separated from your wrist.

The video above shows why this extra strap is a good idea. Uploaded by YouTube user BackyardJim, it’s the last video on the memory card of a camera found at the bottom of a plunge pool.

After finding the still-functioning camera at the bottom of a gorge near Woodstock, NY in´╗┐ the Catskills, BackyardJim recovered the nearly 30-minute-long video showing how the camera came to be there. It shows a first-person view of some daredevil dude using the camera to document his plunge into the pool. Once he hits the water, he accidentally lets go of the camera and loses it to gravity.

Perhaps unable to dive to the bottom, the guy ended up abandoning the camera there. If you have a friend who’s bemoaning the loss of a slick waterproof digicam, drop BackyardJim a line — he’s trying to find the owner.

  • Tanja Schulte

    lol… priceless

  • Rui Fidalgo

    THAT was awesome! :) Gotta love straps and other gadgets to ensure things are not just lost :)

  • wickerprints

    I would love to visit that place and jump in myself! What gorgeous scenery!

    …but I’ll leave the camera on dry land, thank you very much.

  • ninpou_kobanashi

    “Despite being waterproof, shockproof, and a variety of other -proofs”

    Obviously, not “idiot-proof” (^_^)

  • Matt Hauer

    Considering it survived at the bottom of a pool *after* the user, I’d say it was idiot-proof as well!

  • sivab

    Meh…Not as exciting as I thought it would be.

  • Ken Jones

    It’s surprising the number of folks who don’t mark their stuff. Co-workers are continually losing thumbdrives. They forget them in a computer and the next person doesn’t know who it belongs to. We don’t have a central lost and found, so they go crazy worrying about the data they’ve lost. Simply naming your drive with your own name helps.

    In cases of a cameras, AFAIK, all allow additional files on the cards. A simple text file with contact information helps get your stuff back to you. Even better is write a paper note and take a picture of it with your face in it. Folks who find it in the wild can read your phone number and have a picture of your face to put with it. (Obvious security measures apply here, though. Ladies use caution.)

  • sandervanderveen

    Just strap a small water duffel bag to it, then it will flood :)
    Works with me :D

  • val escobar

    Be nice if Petapixel, did away with Flash

  • val escobar

    Well I for one, found that entertaining. No need for me to play Monday Morning quarterback.

  • val escobar

    I entered my info into my camera’s comment area. So it will be there, card or not.