What Night Sky Photos Would Look Like if Other Planets Replaced the Moon

What would photographs of the night sky look like if other planets in our solar system replaced the Moon? This beautiful video by 3kingAmazing (remixed using a video by Brad Goodspeed) shows the answer.

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  • Aj Edwards

    I love that the Earth is rotating the wrong way.

  • n8tronic

    That’s true if your reference point is looking down on the earth from above the north-pole, but I think the direction the sky moves in a shot has more to do with the direction the camera is facing. For example, when facing the South, the stars (including the Sun in northern hemisphere locations) would appear to move from the left (East) to right (West) in the shot. However, say you were facing North then the shot would have the stars in the sky moving from right to left as East would now be on your right, or if you faced due East the stars would just look like they were coming straight up from the horizon. Maybe lots of people choose to shoot towards the South in their time-lapses for some reason, better view of the galactic clusters possibly?

  • AK

    Nice concept but but I can’t get over the fact that this doesn’t make sense to show this kind of “project”… If we tweak the moon too much we just wouldn’t be here so what’s the sense in show what Jupiter would like like in the moon’s position? Just don’t get it. There are other ways to show the dimensions in the solar system without going towards the Hollywood way of picturing stuff.

    Sorry if I sound old and grumpy…

  •!/thelonelylights Adam Cross

    you’re quite right, and yes – if I were making a time-lapse that’s exactly where I would be directing my camera – but sadly I live too far up in the northern hemisphere to see anything that I want to see… i’ll just have to move to central Africa

  • Tanja Schulte


  • Ralph Hightower

    While Venus and Jupiter are a bit away from us, it’s still makes for a great sight to see them for the past few weeks in the morning sky

  • Aj Edwards

    Not sure what that would have to do with the way the Earth is rotating in that video. The sun is setting in the east and rising in the west with the rotation depicted in the video, right?

    Or am I missing something?

  • So Smart

    What would photographs of the night sky look like if other planets in our solar system replaced the Moon? We have no ideal, But we will make something up, because we think we are so smart and know everything!

  • CC

    Did any one else notice they forgot Saturn?