Composite Photos of Tourists Watching Nuclear Explosions

tourists watching nuclear explosions

Atomic Overlook is a startling series of images by photographer Clay Lipsky that shows tourists enjoying the beauty of mushroom clouds at atomic bomb tests. Lipsky writes,

Imagine if the advent of the atomic era occurred during today’s information age. Tourists would gather to view bomb tests, at the “safe” distances used in the 1950’s, and share the resulting cell phone photos online.

Lipsky created the images by combining photos taken during his travels over the last 8 years with photographs of nuclear bomb blasts.

tourists watching nuclear explosions

tourists watching nuclear explosions

tourists watching nuclear explosions

tourists watching nuclear explosions

Atomic Overlook by Clay Lipsky (via Feature Shoot)

Image credit: Photographs by Clay Lipsky and used with permission

  • Mako Koiwai

    Would have been good to slightly double expose skeletons over the viewers

  • PhotoStorys

    T2: Judgement Day anyone?

  • Robby Cornish

    wow. these are cool!

  • Clementine Spatt

    I had an uncle that was stationed on Christmas Island with the RAF (British Air Force) during the Pacific atomic bomb test in the 50’s. He was in an administrative post, but he and his mates used to go down to the beach to watch the show when the test bombs were detonated, without any protection. But he didn’t have a camera. So yeah, I can imagine if they were going on today, you’d certainly have sightseers snapping them. But just to put it into perspective, he suffered three different types of cancer in his life (as did many of his fellow servicemen) before finally dying from it last year.

  • BoOm

    These are horribly composited

  • rtfe

    third one definitely

  • Mr. Einstein

    This it the 3rd post I have seen of atomic bombs lately. I feel like the media and publishers are making their audience more aware the beauty of these nuclear bombs. will we be more naive to the next real explosion and make this the next tourist attraction ? without the education of the aftereffects related to the pollution created as a result of the bomb.

  • Stephen Robinson

    I love the third one. “Yeah thanks love, totally wouldn’t of been able to notice that HUGE explosion if you hadn’t of pointed”.

  • Jackson Cheese

    Ok BoOm it’s your time to shine. Let’s see your own work, Please post a link to my reply.

  • BingBooo

    Those arte all shooped right? Wow.

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  • 9inchnail

    How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb.

  • 9inchnail

    No, they’re real.

  • 9inchnail

    That’s tough but back in those days, a lot of American soldiers were exposed to radiation that way. Makes you wonder if they were just careless back then or if they actually tried to secretly research the effects of radiation on the human body…

  • Fernan

    The 1st photo was a huge…. I meant the blast… not the two tourist…

  • Dm

    Each shot was covered by the one person, thru time. Nuclear weapons really are a hoax.

  • DM

    Boom, thanks for pointing that out, otherwise I would’ve thought id been sending this message from the after life. Thanks.