Make a DIY Rain Cover for Your DSLR Using a Ziploc Bag

If you need to do a quick shoot in the rain but don’t have a proper rain cover handy, you can quickly put together a makeshift one using a large Ziploc freezer bag. Photographer Kariann Goodkey over at Purple Summit Photography has a step-by-step tutorial on the conversion, which basically involves cutting out a whole and using gaffer tape to secure your lens hood to the “cover”. Goodkey writes,

If you are going to be out in the rain a long time you might want to get a proper cover to protect your investment though! That said I used this in over 6 hours of continuous rain sitting in the bush photographing a horse ride and my camera kept dry. After about three hours with this set up I did start to get condensation on the inside of the bag. This limited my view quite a bit through the viewfinder but I could still photograph and my camera was fine. For a quick shoot in the rain though this will work great.

DIY Camera rain cover [Purple Summit Photography]

  • Chris

    Plastic shopping bag + hair scrunchie (from my wife) = instant rain jacket for my camera in New Zealand. This is probably somewhat more watertight. ;-)

  • Alan Dove

    To reduce condensation in any camera housing, toss in a couple of silica gel desiccant packets. In hot, humid weather it also helps to put your camera into the housing/bag in an air-conditioned room if possible, so the air inside the bag is dehumidified from the outset.

  • K-Nuff

    And, be sure that you follow the instructions to cut a “whole” hole….