The AFP’s Nikon D4 Robotic Arm Rig for the London Olympics

Well, there’s no question about it: photography is going to the robots — or at the very least Olympic photography is. First we saw Getty Images and the robotic rigs it was working on (among other things), then there was the Associated Press and its robots, and now we have a making of video from AFP showing off the D4 wielding rigs its photogs will be using.

On the one hand, it would seem Skynet will be very well equipped to photograph its future takeover. On the other, if you’re not threatened by the advent of robotic photography, this video is pretty cool.

(via Fstoppers)

  • David Portass

    Very impressive, need to get myself something not quite as complex for doing pan/tilt time lapses

    What I’m unsure about is the use of a camera on the viewfinder, how come they aren’t using the D4’s live view over WI-FI to view and capture pics?

  • Brian

    excuse me, i need to change my shorts

  • Matthew Wagg

    nice engineering but its not really robotic is it. It about as robotic as a radio controlled car. Cause that’s all it is, servos controlled by radio.

  • phenomens

    It’s not new… There’s the same type of “arm” (used to be named HEAD..) for jib’s and loomas… The only new thing is the automated 90° rotation but on some jib’s head this is possible… You can buy this product… I don’t understant why they talk about this as “new impressive”… And it’s not a “robotic arm”…. Sorry but the afp and others like petapixel make too much noise (ad on facebook) about this thing, with no great inovation…
    The only real inovation in the use of stepper motors… But many people think about that and some products already use stepper motors…

    But they have greatly used their money lol ! I’d like to have a product like this !

    PS : sorry for my bad english