Polaroid Brand Name Soon to Be Found on All Kinds of Random Gadgets

Polaroid the company was named after the inexpensive polarizing film developed by founder Edwin Land back in 1929. Over the years it became an iconic brand name associated with easy-to-use cameras and instant photos. After the company went bankrupt in the early 2000s, the brand name was sold off to a holdings company, which began licensing the name to third parties.

Up until now, the brand name has been used for mostly photography-related products, but that’s set to change: Polaroid has partnered with British retail chain Asda — owned by Wal-Mart — to branch into other electronics, including televisions and media players. The gadgets will hit store Asda shelves by the end of the month.

(via Pocket-lint)

  • russianbox

    as a heads up to US readers, asda = wallmart

  • Michael Zhang

    Thanks for pointing that out. Updated the post! :)

  • opiapr

    I have seen Polaroid branded gadgets for a long time now at least here in the US. I have seen radios, dvd players, mp3 players etc. You can find them in store but mostly on catalogs like Fingerhut & 7th Avenue.

  • rtfe

    you have never seen a television with a soccer ball coming out of it. NEVER

  • opiapr

    Or what I suppose are colored 3d glasses.

  • PhillipP

    I wonder when K-Mart will start selling Kodak branded TVs and mp3 players.

  • bob cooley

    Edwin Land is rolling over in his grave…