Is the “Missing Arm” on Russia’s August Vogue Cover Photoshop or Photo Angle?

There’s a question floating around the internet regarding the August cover of the magazine Vogue in Russia. Because of either a poor angle on the shot or an unfortunate Photoshop mishap, model Natasha Poly looks as if one of her hands doesn’t come attached to the rest of her.

Some maintain that the arm is simply covered up by her neck and head, others that given the angle of her wrist you should still see some of it, and still others that it doesn’t matter. That last group is saying that even if it is just her head, the fact that the hand just kind of appears out of nowhere is creepy, poorly done photography — but the question still remains. So which is it? Photoshop or photo angle? Give us your take in the comments.

(via Fstoppers)

  • Jonathan Yao

    I just did the same pose in front of the mirror, so I will go with angle.

  • Roger Coelho

    I think the angle makes the visable hand look like it belongs to the left arm, but the hand is from the right arm which is behind the head. It is just an awkward angle.

    I don’t really see why the post processing artist would remove any of the arm. So I will stick with it being a bad angle.

  • Brad Snyder

    Yup. Did the same thing… it’s easy to replicate without any odd contortion.

  • DM

    It’s a hand of Mr Putin, I suppose )))

  • icy lazare

    What a lovely Side pony tail hand…We don’t see enough of those! :)

  • Radovan Rasho Pavlic

    I just tried it with my wife, and yes, it’s completely doable to have your hand in this position without the elbow protruding off to the other side of the face…So I say it’s possibly the angle, but it could have been photoshopped to…

  • Ian Stewart

    Easy to create, so angle – agree it looks odd though :-)

  • Rob Fleming

    the hand behind her head is her right hand, the arm going out of shot is her left. Just a tight crop!!!!

  • perceptionalreality

    Precisely. Those who are confused would do well to note that the fingers on the left hand of the vast majority of humans are a mirror-image of the ones on the right. You can see here that this is her right hand. Why is this even a question???

  • Sheila_2PsPhoto

    I think its just a bad crop..

  • Ugh

    It’s simply her left arm going out of shot and her right arm up over and you’re seeing her hand. Man people are not that bright anymore.

  • Mansgame

    “In Soviet Russia…”

  • snapshot1

    I think a more interesting conversation we could be having is why questionable images are being honored with covers now? What has happened to the eye of the editors for magazines like Vogue that this image would have even been considered the best photo for the cover? What does that say about how much the “pros” care about the images that go in to their product?

  • Kathleen Grace

    Very awkward angle, it does look like “thing” got to her, but it’s just a matter of a hidden arm, the hand is the correct hand to be there, she’s a bit of a contortionist to get that angle. They probably did photoshop some of the arm out, or she’s got a contortionist’s arm. It was a mistake to use the photo as is.

  • Nathan Blaney

    Doesn’t anyone own a mirror? Just try it out – her arm is behind her head. What a stupid thing for everyone to be getting all worked up about!

  • Mute

    Obviously no one who wasn’t there knows, but I agree with those that say it’s creepy regardless.

  • Julian Maytum

    This is a case of people not understanding physics and anatomy. I wouldn’t even say it was a bad angle. Very intentional if you look at what “the hand” is doing. No such thing as bad press I guess.

  • Ayden Gotzmer

    I agree. I just did this pose in the mirror and with the way with photo is cropped and angled, I couldn’t see the rest of my arm.

  • Roser

    Well, at the end… we are here discussing about a Vogue cover… I thing they earn a lot of free publicity! Not a bad picture if this is what they wanted…

  • Zac Henderson

    Pretty sure its the angle. Unfortunately I’ve made a similar mistake with a golfer.

  • kyoshi nikon

    Bad angle… I used to do life drawing and the arm at that angle wouldnt be seen behind her head. Also the focal length seems to be between 65 and 80mm st the perspective shift would have made her arm small enough to hide it

  • Scott Naurath

    we see her left shoulder and it appears that her forearm would have been photoshopped out but if that were the case we would be seeing her Left hand which means her thumb would be where her pinky is but since we see the pinky instead of the thumb, it must be the right hand which means its just a bad photo angle.

  • Alan Dove

    Neither. She grew up near Chernobyl.

  • Christina Welsh

    It’s a bad angle, the hand you see belongs to the arm you don’t see, the hand you see does not belong to the arm you see, does that make sense? It’s creepy but not Photoshop.

  • Lisa

    It’s a weirdly composed photograph and the disembodied hand just looks creepy, regardless of which arm it really belongs to.

  • 9inchnail

    The rest of the picture is definitely shopped like hell. Her skin looks like a puppet.
    I don’t care about the arm but since everyone’s saying “angle”, I’ll go with Photoshop.

    Angles are too mainstream.

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    how else do you show off that great manicure?

  • Brandon Garcia

    Totally the angle lol