Portraits of Olympic Athletes with Their Daily Meal Intakes

World class athletes eat huge meals to provide their bodies with fuel during training (you might have heard that swimmer Michael Phelps gobbles down 12,000 calories every day while training). Reuters photographer Umit Bektas recently decided to do a photo project exploring this fact by shooting studio portraits of Turkish Olympic athletes posing next to tables laden with their daily meal intakes.

Bektas offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the project over on the Reuters blog. You can find a slideshow containing all the images here.

What an Olympian eats [Reuters Photographers Blog]

Image credits: Photographs by Umit Bektas/Reuters

  • Jonathan Dehner

    Phelps never ate that many cals. He did an interview and laughed at the claim when it was brought up. “who has time to eat the much?”

  • lisav

    Hm. I don’t see any Mc Donalds or Coke…sponsors of the Olympics. Perhaps their adds should note that to be a competitive athlete you shouldn’t consume their products.

  • David Rychart

    Bahri Tanrikulu consumes two protein powder containers a day? Something tells me the vitamins and supplement containers are consumed over a period longer than 24 hrs.

  • Luis Monteiro

    I don’t understand why only bad photographers get access to world class athletes. The other day was the American team who got hammered with bad portraits, now this?

  • Nobody

    Is poor lighting a requirement for this years photographers?

  • realitytest

    Wish their sports were named along with their pictures. Would be interesting to match the strenousness of the activity with the clearly variable calorie count.