Photoshopped Photos of Ridiculously Ripped Children

“Bodybuilders’ World” is a curious project by Belgian photographer Kurt Stallaert featuring digitally altered photos that combine the muscular bodies of bodybuilders with the youthful faces of children. At first glance they might look like ordinary portraits, but look a little closer and you’ll see that things look very wrong.

(via My Modern Met)

Image credits: Photographs by Kurt Stallaert/Bodybuilders World

  • michaelp42

    Maybe some fetishes should be kept private?

  • branden rio

    Haha, I was going to say “I don’t get it”, but maybe you’re right

  • madmax

    It seems photographer is insane and potentially dangerous. No joke.

  • Benicio Murray

    loving it

  • icewater

    gives me the creeps

  • rtfe

    i like her body, but something abut the face, errr, hmm, what??

  • Sergiu

    They were made for an advertising campaign in 2010 I thin and they’re AWESOME!!

  • Rafał Drumla Nitychoruk

    oh come on… it is just a creative idea with great final efect! nothing dangerous, if someone says it is fetish, he should be kept far away from my child…
    don’t yell so much and appreciate his work!

  • Elliot

    You’re calling him insane and dangerous when you’re choosing the nickname “MadMax”?

  • madmax

    It´s only a nickname but you are right, I could be dangerous. Anyway, I´d better don´t let Kurt Stallaert get too close my child.

  • wasspencer

    I like it. Sure it’s disturbing — it’s meant to be. But why are we more disturbed by this than by the (far more familiar) images of obese children and adults? It seems to raise a lot of questions that aren’t easily answered ….

  • Mansgame

    Disturbing to say the least. I wouldn’t trust this photographer around kids.

  • rtfe

    oh, and Mad Max wasn’t insane. he was just mad

  • madmax

    It seems there is a lot of people out there rating our comments as negative, but I think they are photographer´s friends. I wouldn´t trust them either…

  • Roy O

    It’s interesting how the questionable behaviour of adults seems a lot more tollerable until it is superimposed on children. People’s reactions also say a lot about how we value the innocence of children. The question should be asked “Is this really that much worse than a lot of the other advertising that targets children, or is it just more obvious?” I think this is really significant art.

  • Przemek Czaicki

    I love the sense of humour in that part of Europe.

  • Slash_Cynic

    A sense of humor, something a lot of photographers don’t have.

  • Michael Driver

    I HATE photoshop. Period!

  • DumDum

    “It’s only a nickname” And these are only photos or rather, renditions. Would it make a difference if these kids were overweight? You’re saying you wouldn’t let this guy close to your child? that’s silly. You do know your kids have a far better chance of getting sexually abused by one of YOUR family members right?

  • DumDum

    You realize your kids have a much better chance of one of your relatives sexually abusing your kids right?

  • OhBoy

    You realize you kid has a better chance of being molested by one of YOUR family members…right?