Google Glass Demoed at I/O, Preorders Pegged at $1,500

Google demoed its much-hyped Project Glass at its I/O conference today, showing how the sleek camera-equipped “goggles” could one day allow point-of-view photos and videos to be beamed directly to others through the Internet. Four skydivers wearing the glasses beamed footage of their jump live through Google+ to the attendees in the SF conference center (see above video). They then “passed the baton” onto a group of bikers who did some tricks on the roof and then biked into the center, showing that the footage was in fact live.

Google also announced that the glasses — which will start shipping sometime next year — can now be preordered for a cool $1,500. Conference attendees who sign up for the introductory “Explorer Edition” will receive a block of glass with their serial number etched across its face. The company hopes to drive down the price once the product becomes available to the general public.

(via Engadget)

  • chuey

    i think ill just stick to gopro..

  • 9inchnail

    And how do we know that these glasses aren’t secretly streaming POV video to Google all the time or can be activated remotely? Yes, I’m paranoid but nowadays you should be.

  • stanimir stoyanov

    Who edited this video? My eyes hurt after 10 seconds… A good Google Glass demo would be one continuous POV video feed.

  • Bob

    no one edited it. it was a google hangout. live feed that switches from cam to cam. Im assuming you havent used google’s video chat (hangouts) in google+?

  • Bob

    go pro is great, but the point here is not only the POV footage but the fact that it was streamed live over the internet. Does a gopro do that?

  • Steven Alan Worster

    Does anyone use Google+?