Internet Rallies to Find Owner of Camera Found in Amsterdam

The latest photo to go viral on the web is a photo about photos. Lost photos, that is. Earlier today a man named Roland van Gogh shared the above image on Facebook and on Reddit, stating,

My father in law found a red Nikon Coolpix camera on 2012-06-20 in the train at the station Amsterdam Amstel in the Netherlands. His photos show a trip throughout Europe from about 2012-05-07. Since 2012-06-15 he stayed in Amsterdam.

We would like to give him back the camera and the photos. Please Like, Share and spread this photo around so we can give him back his camera! Thanks!

The image quickly racked up tens of thousands of shares on Facebook (it at nearly 40,000 at the time of this post), and some progress appears to have been made: Roland reports that he has received a lead to the woman in the photo.

(via Mashable)

  • Daniel Austin Hoherd

    I wish this would’ve happened to me when I lost my LX3 at SF Lovefest in 2009.

  • Dennis Marciniak

    I can’t wait for the day that you can Google someone’s face, and find other instances of it online. Then these stories will be solved right away.

  • Dennis

    you think that’s a good idea? Someone googles your face because they found your camera, to their amusement, google returned pictures of you when you were drunk and passed out and had penis drawn all over your face. 

  • Spurdy33

    Maybe if it was possible it would cut down on the instances of people being passed out drunk with penises drawn on their faces. :-)

  • Mike Novack

    Nice Story. Aside from trying to put a name tag with contact info on my camera (you can get custom military style ‘dog tags’ made on eBay for just a few dollars , I (sometimes) take a photo of a business card or sheet of paper with my name and contact info on it … so it’s right on the chip in the camera. If someone is inclined to return a lost camera they might just look at the images and see it.

  • Wilfred Lim

     This happens because he/she has a kind person who found their camera…

    p.s. in my country, i bet 99.9% you won’t get back it even you post the photo of your lost camera and share around….

  • sognirossi

    Better yet, a sociopath singles you out in a crowd, takes a snapshot of you, googles your face and now has your name and access to every other public record there is on you. 

  • Tarwin Stroh-Spijer

    If anyone wants to collaborate I really want to finish … just run out of time (developer)

  • Dennis Marciniak

    You guys totally missed the sarcasm in my original comment. Not everyone on the Internet is being serious!

  • 9inchnail

    Yeah, here in Germany people would say “If that guy can afford a trip across Europe, he can afford a new camera. Screw him”.

  • GianniC

    “Roland van Gogh: Looks like we found him! It’s a guy from Canada who is on a trip through Europe (about an hour ago)”

  • Jack

    A camera can be replaced but I’m sure the guy in the photo wants his photos back!

  • BriggsBrandon

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  • BigBrothersBrother

    You fail to realize this is already possible.  Go to Google and then the Image serach Tab.  Click on the camera icon in the search box and feed it an image or a URL.  You will get back what it thinks is the person and like photo’s.

    Turns out this person isn’t indexed in to many photo’s.  Wait until the database builds more and more. 

    I can feed it your tiny avatar URL and see your vimeo, your twitter, whosay, and other photography forum posts.  You are much more active than he is online.