The Camera Cooler: A Camera Bag That Can Also Keep Your Drinks Cold

Yesterday was the first day of summer, so it’s only right that we would run across a product that is equal parts camera bag and cooler. The Camera Cooler, by camping equipment company Poler, combines the usefulness of a cooler and the looks/functionality of a camera bag into one multi-purpose product.

Like all camera bags it comes with padded dividers to safely carry a couple of lenses and your favorite camera body. It also comes with side pockets that will fit your iPad or iPhone just right, and a three way strap so that it doesn’t move around if you’re, say, riding a mountain bike. But unlike a camera bag this one can also keep a six pack or your lunch cool with the help of a few blue ice packs.

Interested buyers should know that the Camera Cooler is not water tight, so you shouldn’t throw in a bag of ice, nor should you use the dividers to carry your camera and a few cans of soda at the same time because you never know what could happen. But if you’re in the market for both a camera bag and a lunch bag or soft cooler, or if you’re a big camper and this would fit your multi-purpose camping needs just right, then the Camera Cooler will run you $50 over at Poler’s website.

The Camera Cooler (via Digital Trends)

  • hmck3

    Take a look at the Photographic Outfitter Trolly bag from Dot Line. For about $110 you get a ton of room in a roller. Plus it has shoulder straps and a waist belt to allow you to carry it on your back. And a large Laptop compartment.

  • branden rio

    But can it hold a gallon of beer?

  • Mansgame

    As long as there is no chance of condensation building up to the camera area, this is a great idea.  I usually put a bottle of water in the hand holder part of my bag but it turns into hot water under the sun while I’m walking around at events.  It’d be nice to have both.  

  • Jim

    Been using a 6 pack bag for years. It is padded, insulated, holds camera and strobe and even has a front pocket for spare small stuff like a spare card or battery. Best of all it is cheap and (in a parked car)looks nothing like a camera bag. Granted I only use this option when I only need a minimum of gear.

  • MikeC366

    Hey, cool idea :)
    Well someone had to say it, didn’t they?


  • Jeremy Villa


  • erm

    You’ve got an m9 with an ef lens. erm ok.