Rumored Nikon Firmware Update May Fix “Green Cast” Issue on D4/D800

After releasing firmware update 1.01 last month and fixing the D4/D800 lock up issues, Nikon Rumors is reporting that the Japanese camera company has another firmware update up its sleeve — this one dealing with some different issues that have come up with the same two cameras.

The update will most likely address a wireless flash trigger problem that Nikon has already admitted to, and there’s some talk of addressing a D800/D800E focusing issue, but most notably the update is rumored to fix the “green cast” issue that Nikon has thus-far denied exists. In fact, Nikon has been claiming that the D4/D800 LCD is more accurate that its predecessor.

If the rumors turn out to be true, D4 and D800 owners would see their LCD screens go back to the cooler color profile of the D3s and D700. Nikon, on the other hand, would have to either eat their words or admit to making the screens less accurate to appease the public.

(via Nikon Rumors)

Image credit: Nikon D4_Sealing_back by louisvolant

  • ilophoto

    hallelujah! it’s been driving us nuts! I think there’s a way to fix it, but so far we are completely unimpressed with the D4’s WB capabilities (on imported files on our computer as well as the LCD screen) compared to the D700 it replaced.

  • ilophoto

    *note* I’m referring to WB capabilities in nearly every mode and situation, from calibrated-with-a-grey-card newborn studio sessions to auto WB in churches to setting the Kelvin manually on engagement shoots. Other than that the camera has been amazing, but the WB is just not.

  • Gloria Hairston

    this one dealing with some different issues that have come up with the same two cameras.

  • simonhowes

    I agree. It has nothing to do with the LCD screen on the back. The screen is perfectly accurate. It is an issue with WB. Either using AWB or manually using a white or grey card the camera produces a green tint, it is visible on the rear LCD screen and on a perfectly calibrated Eizo monitor. It’s easy to fix if you shoot raw, not so good if you shoot JPEG or video as changing WB in post is a lossy processes.

    I wish the press and blogs would stop blaming the LCD being out.

  • James Goro

    I have a Nikon D800 with a nikon 24-70 and a 70-200 i took them both into repair because of green tint problem on the lcd and when i upload the pics to the computer and i also had focus problems i got them back with the same exact problem so its not the LCD i put 2 images side by side from my d300 vs d800 with the same lens, iso, aperture, shutter and the d800 is greenish especially using the flash with a white background

  • Furio Alessandro Rossi

    I had the same test: D300sVSD800 and now D800vsD700. my D800 JUST SUCKS: i don’t want anymore being fooled that this is not a PROBLEM. IT IS. i use the LCD to see what i’m doing, WB, focus, eyes blinking. fiddling around 15min to get what the feck is wrong with the WB camera is using is driving me nuts. neither +1 +1 magenta trick is doin it (yes u see it on the lcd correctly but on the final pic is totally (F)ucked up…)…. NIKON u won’t have my money again. (i had d80-d90-d300-d300s-d700)

  • Verty

    I am so pissed at nikon for this error!!!!! A 3000 dollar camera and see what I get. i would happily trade it in for another d700. Its both an LCD and WB problem. No matter what i adjust i just do not get the greenish tint off my LCD. And yes my pictures have a greenish tint on the system. I have always rooted for nikon but I’am sore disappointed. Nikon should have tested with lower models and not highend models like this. Now I am already thinking of switching to a canon. Man you need to see the vibrant colours on the 5DMk3. I see why Kenrockwell hates his D800. This move is really pathetic on Nikon’s part and I hope they rectify this on time. How can a company be so stupid. and they did not even leave a backdoor for correction!!!!