Behind the Scenes at a McDonald’s Burger Photo Shoot

Ever notice how food at McDonald’s never looks like the ones pictured in advertisements? Here’s a behind-the-scenes video that offers a look at how McDonald’s burgers are photographed.

  • Jack

    The burger in the photograph contains real meat.

  • kaolin fire

    Actually dispelled some assumptions I’d had (old knowledge, or perhaps just hearsay I’d taken as old knowledge).

  • Andrew Cato

    An even better question to ask:

    “What is the ratio of real meat/random garbage in the store-bought burger?”

  • Jenna Weiner

    Did you watch the video? They showed that they use the same mustard, pickles and meat, etc. So, unless you are suggesting that was a lie…

  • Jenna Weiner

    Interesting. That still doesn’t make me want to eat a McDonald’s burger though. Ick.

  • Niall

    She’s cute. The burger? Only if i’m really hungry. 

  • Melo

    The Director of Marketing.  Hmmn.  I appreciate that they did this comparison, but it doesn’t change two things:

    1. She ‘Hope’lessly panders… ‘…look at this beauty.’  – It’s a freakin fast food burger.  Give it a rest lady.

    2. They ignore the fact that this ‘food’ is crap, unhealthy and borderline unedible.

  • Persio Pucci

    Best question is: was she using a RIM Playbook? OMG!

  • jimmy kramer
  • Samuel Jerichow
  • eenoog (one-eye)

    Every commercial food picture you see is prepared this way.  The implied slight at McD for being “fake” thus makes no sense, and is as annoying as that that fake pink goo hoax.

    I once participated in a food session where, in addition to the cook, they had two special effects people to ensure the food appeared as appetizing as possible, using a combination of foods and non-food items.  After 12 hours, we had 8 shots, and more often than not, 50% of the elements shown in the plate weren’t even edible.

  • Sergio Galván Rivero

    I wish I could see the PSD of the burguer to see the retouch or at least a speedretouch. it looks really good. I’m hungry now.

  • Mbenavides

    is that a mamiya Rz67 ? I believe it is…

  • Gloria Hairston

    That still doesn’t make me want to eat a McDonald’s burger though. Ick.

  • Lukephotographer

    Yeah, probs was a lie…

  • Alfred Low

    She said they would do a side-by-side comparison. They did. For a split second. I think this is to cover up the fact that its not only the bun that is different (apparently due to steam…).

  • rtfe

    McDonald’s uses 100% crap in all their burgers. 

  • rtfe

    crap vs. altered crap. you be the judge.

  • Happy_Tinfoil_Cat

    I think the size difference is more due to the fact that the restaurant actually cooked the 4:1 patty. The photo studio only cooked the outside of it, leaving the center frozen solid. Much of the shrinkage is from the fat melting away, the added ice evaporating, etc. Sure it was a quarter-pound but the real burger ended up far smaller.

    I’ve shot food before, it was not edible. McFrenchFries have toothpicks holding them in their specific poses. 10-40W makes great pancake syrup,  never forget your spray bottle of glycerine to add that bit of dew on the lettuce, etc. etc. etc.

  • Erik Lauri Kulo

    I’m very split about this kind of advertising. Sure, I can buy her argument that they use all the same ingredients in the burger that they do in the real ones, that’s something that a lot of food advertising haven’t done before. But at the same time it’s glorifying what’s essentially a slab of so-called hamburger meat with rubber-like bread on it. 

  • MikeAlgar42

    ‘look at this beauty’ she says holding the burger at arms length and shielding back in panic.

  • Kuly96

    Iluminati is coverline about this.

  • Karkuk14

    yup with a digital back,

  • Kozmo Nauta

    eat real food!!!!

  • Joakim

    My favorite part was when the photographer claims the picture is one-dimentional..

  • Billy

    Roncesvalles!!! Shout out!!

  • Lucas

    What she basically said in the video was: “Yeah, we lie to you! So what?”

  • sandervanderveen

    That wasn’t the photographer, but the food-stylist.

  • VelazquezRosalie

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  • James Miller

    Difference: One was made by someone who actually gave a damn.

  • a fanfiction ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    You know a video can be paused, right?

  • Ed: Sabot Images

    Regardless, they are so tasty.

  • ys_lee

    More like everything wasn’t edible. I’ve heard of cases where the subjects had to be disposed in bio-hazard bags!

  • DaGuerre

     jenna…this is the Internet and everything’s a conspiracy! ;)

  • Lambiris

    Does anybody know the name of the app she’s using to display the tweets at the beginning of the video?
    Thanks! ñ_ñ

  • skinzie

    A photograph is one dimensional! it’s on a flat plane.