Getty To Capture Olympics With Helicams Timelapse, 360-Degree Cameras and More

You may or may not know this, but Getty Images is actually the official photo agency of the 2012 London Olympics, and they plan on making this one of the most innovatively captured events in the history of photography. To do this they’ve enlisted as many new technologies as they can get their hands on: be it 3D, time lapse, 360-degree, or even helicam aerial photography/video, Getty intends on giving the people at home as immersive an experience of the Summer Olympic Games as possible.

Check out the video above for more info on both the how and the why behind Getty’s plans, plus a cool peek at the kinds of helicam shots we can expect to see in about a month and a half’s time.

(via Popular Photography)

  • russianbox

    Oh Picnicin! when will you be ready!?

  • Renato Murakami

    I might be proven wrong in the future, but while I can understand helicams and timelapse, I still can’t see 360 and 3D as more than a gimmick. Much like augmented reality, but at least for augmented reality I can see it improving and becoming part of some people’s life at least… with Google Glass and similar ideas.

    Kinda like QR codes, but hopefully better.
    And I’ll have to disagree with Murell there when he says newspapers to website is an “extra”…. journalism on the Internet is a new language with very different tools and production, much like the transition from newspaper to radio to TV.
    The reader profile is different too.
    Of course, it’s just my opinion…

  • T. Langhorn

    Good stuff! I bet the guys at are providing the helicam shots. The owner is a former Getty employee.

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