Magnifying the Subtle Changes in Video to Reveal the Invisible

Here’s a video overview of some interesting research that’s being done in the area of video processing. By taking standard video as an input and doing some fancy technical mojo on it, researchers are able to amplify information in it to reveal things that are virtually invisible to the human eye. For example, you can detect a baby’s heartbeat by simply pointing a camera at his/her face. The method is able to visualize the pulsating flow of blood that fills the face.

(via MIT via John Nack)

  • arttyIV

    My uncle showed me an iphone app that told him his heart rate using this method. I thought he was screwing with me. Cool to see that he wasn’t making it up.

  • kendon

    this is fascinating. i wish i could truly understand the math behind it.

  • Osmosisstudios

    The last example was quite surprising to me; I know the mirror causes movement but showing it was amplified (albeit 120x) really brings that notion home.  The example of the man’s face going yellow and red with his pulse was also quite dramatic

  • Flgraphics

    interesting. I can see the potential here for many medical devices

  • Gonzalo no te importa

    there is an android app that measures your pulse by the change of color in your face.. and is pretty accurate.