Happy Moments Caught on Security Cameras Around the World

Security camera clips that make the news usually show bad things, but Coke decided to “look at the world a little differently” in this heartwarming viral video. They found security camera footage from around the world showing happy moments: people stealing kisses instead of possessions, dealing potato chips instead of drugs, and offering car assistance rather than road rage.

  • Andrew Ferguson

    > They found security camera footage

    Has this been verified by anyone? It all looks pretty staged.

  • Guest

    Because of this I’m completely fine with security cameras on every street corner…

  • Graham West

    At least one of them is not staged. The “crazy hero” pushing the van off the train tracks and almost getting hit is from Tigre, Argentina:

  • Oliver Lea

    I actually don’t care if it was staged or not, this video makes me so happy. 

  • Soma Jones

    This is a throwback to their ads in the 70’s that pushed that same feel good vibe. Kudos.

  • Steven William Blackwood

    If some of the footage is staged, it’s pretty realistic. Coke is indeed returning to some of its earlier ads. Also, the ad gives us a different perspective on security cameras.

  • Musicfan44

    the roman guy (“harmless soldiers”) at the Trevi Fountain isn’t staged. Seem ‘em with my own eyes.

  • Guest

    Spray painting “PEACE” on someone else’s private property doesn’t make you a “peaceful warrior.” It makes you a criminal. The rest of the video I wholeheartedly endorse. 

  • Paulloemaksono

    More of this is needed!be kind to share this to people,no matter its genuine or not,it should cheer us up a lil bit..

  • Guest

     I’m sure it’s staged. Use of security cameras (in most countries I know at least) come with strict limitations to what can be done with what’s recorded. Selling it to Coke I’m pretty sure goes into the “cannot be done” basket.

  • Kev M

    Not all spray painting is vandalisim…i have a 30ft Graffiti image on my own property that i asked to be done ….Great good feel ad…never judge others if you don’t know the deal.

  • Terry

    Possibly his own wall? 

  • Saifuddin Jalil

    Who defines vandalism? The lawmakers.

    Who defines a peace warrior? The heart.

  • MikeAlgar42

    Yes, I remember that one. So at least some of it was not staged. I’m going to put down the tinfoil hats and say, none of it was.

  • MikeAlgar42

    That’s the thing that makes this campaign so enjoyable, is it feels genuinely positive and for a coke campaign it is a genius stroke of publicity, Coke need to look good.

  • Aj Meadows

    A lot of it was probably staged, but the video with the guy pushing the car out of the way of the train is real because I’ve seen that video before. I think it’s a mixture of both staged and real clips. I’m okay with that though, because it works so well.

  • Kman_02


  • Spoony

    Yes, in most countries, if you want to put a security camera on your home, you are not even allowed to view the contents of the recording outside the presence of a certified government agent. After you have viewed the contents, they submit a log to their agency and erase the tape. I had an agent in my living room last night because I suspected some kids stole my garden gnome again. It was actually grown-ups who took it. I’d post the video (pretty funny and disturbing), but the agency has the only record, and it’s a written description.

  • Spoony

    Who defines rape? The lawmakers.
    Who defines “surprise” sex? The heart.

  • Peace Warrior, too

    True. Not all vandalism is created equal. The act itself may be the same, but the intent, surely, is different. If that is criminal, what’s the point of it all?

  • Cheng-Jih Chen

    Let me come and spraypaint “PEACE” all over your house then.

  • Cheng-Jih Chen

    In the dark, and furtively?

  • Sherryb61

    Oh Andrew you are one who tells small children that there is no Santa or Easter Bunny too aren’t you. Sometimes you just have to enjoy life and the small things/

  • Jesus Lopez

    Whether it is staged or not isn’t the real deal here people. We all like committing prejudice immediately. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could All just smile & and get in the mood of immitating at least one of this “staged” acts?

  • Tm

     How original.. you remembered the garden gnome, you forgot to mention the obligatory tinfoil hat.

  • guest

    This is Disgusting and a terrible commercial. Fructose should be illegal. It’s just as addictive as COCAIN!! and it is what is causing our obesity Problem. All Gov.’s should ban the use of it.

  • Daniel-john Housley

    eh? are you saying ban Figs, Grapes and Apples?

  • Capredbeard2000

     Coke is one of the biggest companies in the world.  They can get about anything they want.  They have more money than most countries

  • Dave Fiore

    What a great spot. I will even defend the vandalism. Spray paint on glass will wipe off with some 409. We need some optimism in the world, even if it is slightly engineered. Good stuff.

  • Guest

    really… you want to spend police time and money on catching people who do what I would call art, who generally speaking make ugly objects look a whole lot cooler, when that time and money could be spent on catching actual criminals. Graffiti is art and hurts literally nobody. Tagging which is generally used to mark gang territory is something completely different, and definitely criminal activity. The man video is making art, not tagging. Know the Difference or you could persecute people for beautifying a city… up to you.

  • Dani M

    Me too, I don’t care who it came from, or how it was made. It’s just uplifting. 

  • Mike Scarpiello

    Staged?  Hardly.    Nearly getting run over but a train?

  • Mike Scarpiello

     That was the only part I can’t condone.

  • Mike Scarpiello

     But this one clearly was.

  • guesstt

    I’ve seen the video of the man pushing the van off the train tracks before by other video blog websites.

  • Kia Valerius Howell

    You guys are all a bunch of cynics. Why does everything good and pure have to be staged? There are still good-hearted and honest people in this world you know.

  • guest

    I ment High Fructose corn Syrup!!!

  • guest

    I meant High Fructose Corn Syrup!!! I think you knew that. :)

  • vicki watts

    Just beautiful.

  • austintommy

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  • Jenniville01

    Thank you for sharing that – It puts the feelings of peace and humor back into my heart :)

  • Korean Wonders

    So that guy comes to your house and makes a big artsy whatever-the-word on it with paint you can’t remove, let’s see how you react to his “art”. I bet you’ll cheer on him and thank him for making your wall “a whole lot cooler”. Oh, and while you’re at it, you might ask him to do your car too.
    Or maybe you won’t.

    Isn’t there something wrong about praising people doing graffiti or tags on private property without owner’s consent?

    Besides, if you take a second to pause and look at it seriously, this is an insult to art and good taste in general, and it actually feels out of place in an otherwise well made video (whether it’s staged or not).

  • Guest

    Well, Jesus… If YOU call it art, then it must be so!

  • Wanamaker Scott

    While i’m not saying this wasn’t staged have you not seen one of the  hundreds of TV shows that use security camera footage to show event.

  • HeathHenry

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  • Eric Seaholm

    Even if spray painting stuff on buildings you don’t own wasn’t criminal, it would still be kinda rude. There’re all kinds of things to spray your art on. Stay away from my building:-P

  • Sam Chua

    put it this way…every person recognisable in the pictures could sue Coke if it wasn’t staged.

  • Vp_sao

    El video del hombre empujando la camioneta fuera de las vias de tren es un video muy mostrado en Argentina. Fue en Tigre, Provincia de Buenos Aires. Muy buen video, demuestra las ocasiones diarias donde la gente es mas humana que nunca

  • VelazquezRosalie

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  • guestiewestiepoop

    I’m sure coke got permission to do this by the individuals. 

    Coke is one of the biggest companies in the world. It can basically do whatever it wants.

    And while the internet is a huge place, any video that goes viral is usually spotted by someone who knows someone in the videos.

    How do you think news agencies get in contact with people who are on youtube?


    If you have the money, you can pretty much do about anything you please.