How to Use a Heavy-Duty Laptop Bag Strap with Your Camera

Laptop bag straps make for pretty comfortable camera straps since they’re designed for carrying a good amount of weight on your shoulders, but they usually come with clasps that aren’t compatible with strap mounts. Nano_Burger has the solution: add clasp-friendly loops to your camera using some thin strapping, staples, and Gorilla glue. The sturdy loops will last the lifetime of the camera, and can be cut off if you ever decide to switch to a different strap.

Cheap and Easy Camera Strap (via Lifehacker)

  • Spider- Man

    MAN the extents some people go to to save money on the things where you shouldn’t scrimp. You really trust your X$ camera to gorilla glue?

  • Adam

    And this is different from a Domke strap how?

  • Spider- Man

    this one is cheaper and more dangerous to your camera, LIVING ON THE EDGE!

  • The Judge

    Staples eh? 0/10…Worst idea ever

  • rohit kothari

    but this look kinda awkward when people can buy affordable strap then why any one do this kind of hard work to made not good strap

  • Daniel Goodale-Porter

    This project is about recycling.  Instead of contributing another non-biodegradable laptop strap to the landfill, I repurposed it as a camera strap for my embarrassingly large camera collection.  I don’t worry about the strength of the steel reinforced adhesive.  I have the same system on my Koni-Omega Rapid 100 and have seen no degradation of the bond.  If it can handle that chunk of metal, it should have no problem with a normal camera.  In fact, I can easily hang my 195 pounds on the interface strap without failure.  I finally made it fail by jumping from various heights and it was the nylon strap that failed, not the glue and staple bond.  I may not have the highest technology, but I still like to keep it safe.

  • Pingo

    Perfect. Lots of work, and worst than a normal neck strap. Worth a post! Brilliant!

  • Keith Conley

    I agree the staples look bad, there’s other options out there that would look better, such simply stitching the webbing with a sewing machine. The Gorilla Glue isn’t that bad of an idea, it is very strong and will bond the two parts together. I’m guessing that the staples are there to replace clamping, since Gorilla Glue highly recommends clamping the item that is being bonded together. It simply would have looked much better if he would have clamped it.

    I made my own R-strap clone out of some seat belt webbing from a child’s car seat that a friend was going to throw away. A good quality clip is all it cost so I was able to both recycle and save money. My R-strap clone cost me $10 instead of $50 to $60 online or $80 at the local camera store.

    Strength wise, I don’t worry, I looped the strap over a pull up bar and it held the combined weight of myself and a friend, close to 400 lbs., the carabiner is rated to hold over 5000 lbs. so the weakest link is probably the Manfroto tripod mount I’m using since I don’t know what it’s rated at.

  • Kb2kb

    The loops are guaranteed to slip through the clasp of the hooks eventually.

  • Greg McKay

    Or you could just buy a really nice padded CAMERA strap from OpTech and not look ghetto….. 

  • guest

    this would be easier –