Futuristic Family Portraits Involving Skype Projections

In many Asian cultures it’s common for families to gather together for formal portraits on special occasions, but this tradition is becoming much harder to coordinate as more and more young people are moving abroad for work. Photographer John Clang has a new series of photographs that features an interesting solution to this problem: Skype webcam projections. Clang visited various individuals around the world and had them video chat with family members in Singapore. By projecting the feed onto a wall and having the entire family pose, Clang shot traditional-style family portraits with the subjects separated by thousands of miles.

You can find more images from the series over at the NYTimes.

Image credits: Photographs by John Clang and used with permission

  • Amy

    Brilliant idea! Love the dogs too.

  • Jeremy

    Love love this idea – excellent!

  • PattersonWillard24

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  • Ant Grifter

    Not trying to be funny but wouldn’t it be cheaper and possibly less time consuming to photoshop in the missing relatives. I mean, buying a projector and setting it up so precisely for one family photo is a bit OTT

  • Justin

    Unless you have a big family. Then it might be easier to set up a projector once and be done with it than have to composite 20+ family members every year.

  • Shannon Wimberly

    my sentiments exactly…… you could composite up to 3 to 4 generations if you had the pics…..

  • Alex

    But the experience of interacting live on a portrait session even though the family members are miles apart is priceless. It’s not about photoshop or cut-n-paste. 

  • Gavin Stokes

    Thats really the key thing with these images. The images mean more to the individuals than anyone else so being able to partake in a group session adds to the importance of the image.

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