Fashion Street Photography in Madrid with The Sartorialist

Here’s another behind the scenes video showing fashion street photographer Scott Schuman (AKA The Sartorialist) at work, this time in Madrid.

(via ISO 1200)

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  • Jesus

    this ain’t street photography! Just look up Friedlander, Winogrand, Robert Frank. just saying

  • Eric Spiegel

    I always have trouble pigeonholing street photography as one style vs. another. Schuman’s work isn’t usually candid, but I think what he’s doing, documenting the fashions he sees on a daily street encounter, can fall into a broader idea of street (or at least, documentary) photography.

  • ISO 1200 Magazine

    Thanks one more time. 

  • Melo

     It is street photography.  The issue people take with this style seems to be when street fashion photographers go to events and shoot people in less candid and authentic ways knowing they’ll have willing subjects.  Also the trend of so many fashion bloggers and brands shooting ‘lookbook’ style shots and calling it street style.

    Scott travels the world and documents people’s personalities in their environments, usually ‘on the street’.

    You don’t have to shoot homeless people and odd characters on sidewalks to call it ‘street photography’.

  • Jesus

    well you should at least compose the picture decently. I don’t find his style anything less then documenting what he finds, without any effort in doing so. Nothing more then simple “forensic” photography. Even the camera is too much. An iphone would do the same job.

  • Vincent

    Your last sentence proves you have no idea what street photography is. This is ‘street fashion’, not ‘street’. And the guy is a massive douche btw.

  • Ale Zayas

    Great idea and beautiful photographs! 

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I looked through several pages on his blog and it failed to amaze me; he’s got a pretty bland style.  It’s not awful or lacking in proficiency, but it’s nothing special and it’s completely lacking any “wow” factor.

    Point an expensive camera and lens at the subject, use a wide aperture, put random city stuff in the background, click, done.

    Like they say, business is 90% marketing (containing varying amounts of people skills, hype, advertising) and 10% product.

  • emanon

    may as well use instagram.
    …oh wait. he does.

  • emanon

    just goes to prove my theory of you can never take canon dslr users seriously.
    bet it’s set on automatic & hopes for the best. -____-

  • emanon

     this is exactly how i felt looking at his work.

  • Seeit

    Isn’t it funny that you blowhard ‘street’ purists are the ones being pretentious. I too think Scott comes off douchey through his online and media persona, but I don’t know him, and I doubt either of you do either.

    He does shoot great photos, but then trying to get people like you that think dicks like Gilden are great is pointless. Your taste is irrelevant.

    Street style fashion photography is legit, albeit overdone around the world. If you don’t like it, don’t look at it. Go back to shooting quirky street corners and plastic bags in parks.

  • Learnhow

    Listen to you street twits. You stroll around shooting from the hip, blasting away like pretentious pussies. I dare each one of you bashing this to try it.

    I dare you.

    Go out for one whole week and shoot street fashion at this level.

    Good luck.

    Firstly, you keyboard warriors would be required to actually talk to people face to face. Yes, actually talk to a stranger. Most likely, talk to a woman and ask permission. But you likely won’t.

    Second, you have to have taste, which is more rare than photographic ability.

    Third, you need to shoot a stunning on the fly portrait in an uncontrolled environment in under a minute, all while making your subject look their best.

    Lastly, you need to gain an audience, which you likely don’t have either, otherwise we’d be watching a video about you, which we’re not.

    So go on… I seriously challenge you to try it before you knock it.

    I bet you never so much as approach one person, let alone manage age to shoot even a down good shots.

  • Vincent

    Stunning portraits? Wow. I criticise a particular person, you generalise about a whole genre of photographers. Get a reality check. You obviously have something against real street photographers, so let it all out. We’re eagerly waiting what you have to say.

  • 495

    He needs to learn hot to hold a dslr first.

  • Wug

    And you need to learn how to type.

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  • Irisblau86

    Major d-bag here and is his style is contrived. 

  • Chaz Smith

    fuck off.

  • muitosabao

    Hate brigade is out in full force.

  • muitosabao

    Let us see your work then.

  • Nathan Caulford

    Let’s see yours. Easy to be a critic when you’re not under scrutiny, isn’t it?

  • Nathan Caulford

    There’s only one way? …and yours is the right way, I take it?

  • susan

    Does he have a model release for each of those people he photographs on the street?  Isn’t it necessary especally so if one wants to exhibit the shots?  I always wonder about this with street photography.

  • Adam Cross

    “fashion street photographer ” there is a difference.

  • Adam Cross

    his work is about the fashion more than the photograph itself. I think you’ve missed the point, find a dictionary and search for ‘Sartorial’

  • JMinneapolis

    I agree. the title should be Fashion Photography on Streets in Madrid.