The Well-Worn Developer Trays of Famous Photographers

Photographer John Cyr has an ongoing project titled Developer Trays that features photographs of developer trays used by famous photographers. He writes,

I am photographing available developer trays so that the photography community will remember specific, tangible printing tools that have been a seminal part of the photographic experience for the past hundred years. By titling each tray with its owner’s name and the years in which it was used, I reference the historical significance of these objects in a minimal manner that evokes thought and introspection about what images have passed through each individual tray.

The tray above was used by Ansel Adams.

Eddie Adams:

Sally Mann:

Arnold Newman:

Larry Fink:

Developer Trays [John Cyr]

Image credits: Photographs by John Cyr and used with permission

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  • yummania

    i dig Sally Mann`s tray

  • tttulio

    Bloody spammers. Come on Petapixel, filter them.

  • JamesNCleveland
  • bob cooley

    Cool cultural artifact project 

  • John Milleker

    I’m with Eddie, I scrub mine out every now and then.

  • Josephine E. Segura
  • branden rio

    Not to be negative … but what’s the point of this project? It seems completely meaningless; nothing more than worshiping at the heels of the photographer’s idols. The only thing I can learn from this is that all these photographers used developer trays.

  • Jake

    See? And I would have assumed they used D90 DSLRs and Canon inkjet printers.

  • bob cooley

     Its not worshiping on the heels of famous photographers, its a great record of cultural artifacts.  If its of interest to the viewer, then it has relevance.   It was also an accomplishment to collect images of all of these trays – getting access couldn’t have been easy.   While it’s not going to win a Pulitzer, I found it to be a pretty cool project.