Camera Snobbery: A Slice of Amateur Photography Culture

Here’s a funny short clip from the HBO TV show Veep in which two photography enthusiasts discuss their Canon cameras, and… one of them is a camera snob. Does the guy remind you of anyone you know? Hopefully it’s not yourself!

  • Pedro Rojas Jorquera

    ahahahahaha! happened to me a couple of times :D

  • Pedro Rojas Jorquera

    ahahahahaha! happened to me a couple of times :D

  • Spider- Man

    I’ll get this a lot, specially if I am out with one of my old film cams…

  • Osmosisstudios

    Had this on vacation.  
    *while shooting a D300s* 
    “Oh cool, you have a D700″
    — “Yeah, I really wanted the bigger sensor”
    “Lots of low light shooting?”
    — “No no, just bigger”

  • 5D Guy

    But he HAS a 1D!! *facepalm*

  • Aaro Keipi

    Uhhh…which one’s the snob?

  • Knur

    I need Nikon D800 -Why ? Nikon D700 doesn’t work anymore? -No, I need more megapixels.  …

  • bob cooley

    Nothing wrong with more megapixels – those of us who create large images to hang on walls enjoy this advance.

  • bob cooley

    This clip is classic. +1!

  • Knur

    You could print a billboard with 12MP.

  • ennuipoet

    I had this happen to me while shooting on my 50D, the fellow kept telling me how I NEEDED a 5D.  After ten minutes or so I told him to give me his.  He didn’t see the humor in it.  (NEED a 5D, no.  WANT a 5D, well yeah!)

  • Me

    The guy on the right is the VPs pro photographer…the Guy on the left with the 1D is the amateur. Just wanted to point this out cuz I think it makes it funnier that the one with the “lower” camera is the pro.

  • 9inchnail

     I think, we all got that from the clip since Mr. 1D clearly has no clue.

  • Suman0102

     you could print a billboard with 5MP. what’s your point? some ppl like having sharp images (with higher ppi) from a close distance. There is a reason why large format film is popular among many artists.

  • bob cooley

    Billboards are typically printed at 30 DPI – if you are printing gallery quality at 6ft. high, or even 24″ full bleed posters with a 300 line screen – sorry, 12mp isn’t going to cut it.

    There IS a reason that most catalog and high-quality print work was done with medium format (until now)…


    you ever met some one with a 1d who still asks you why their photos come out blurry at night?

  • Osh

    I actually never had a problem, when, for example, some housewife shoots the bbq party witk mark II and I every day shooting with 600D. Well, yeah, I would love to have mark for obvious reasons, but I can’t afford it – that’s no reason for hate. Another thing is – that people with more expensive stuff and no clue about it whatsoever try to teach you – then it gets me a bit. But then I just ask ask some easy question about f-stops on their current lens and they shut up, heh.

  • Donovan Rekanize Fannon

    I’ve never seen the show, but I kind of wanted to smack both of them.

  • KS

    ha ha ha, I know a few who “has a 1D”. nice share.

  • ga1n

    Haha! so true. I’m that guy with the cheaper camera (I own a D90). One day at work, I remember the D3s owner’s sense of superiority deflate when we compared our flickr accounts. 

    Of course he didn’t admit it outright to me. But I sensed how he initially sized me up just based on me owning a D90. 

    It was as if he by virtue of having the more expensive gear was in a superior position with technique and skill. 

    I will concede his photos demonstrate the superiority of the higher megapixels and resolution–but all this couldn’t compensate for his dull choices in subject matter  and lack of composition. 

  • Bob Honiker

    Lots of insecure bedwetters around, LOL

  • Richard

    But you can’t crop the shit out of a 12MP image and still be left with something to make a large print with.

  • Brady

    Wow. This video is great. But the tone of the conversation bellow it is priceless. I need sharp images and I can only get them with the best camera! Foolish chatter.

  • 9inchnail

     But it is a fact that better cameras take better photos. All the stupid “I have a cheap camera and take great photos”-comments are annoying. Do you really think, the overall quality of your images would not profit from a 1D with a L-lens? It’s not all about talent and skill, the equipment sets the limit and can be a bottleneck.

  • 9inchnail

    Ugh, just realized, that if you look for 1D videos on youtube, you get a lot of “One Direction” videos. Canon should sue these fags for using that abbreviation. 

  • Miki

    1D is not necessarily a better camera. It’s just different. As it is pointed out in the video as well.

  • Kimi

    If I had enough money to buy a 1D, I would still go for the 5D. I really don’r like the “pro-body” and I really want better iso performance. 

  • Knur

    “But you can’t crop the shit out of a 12MP image and still be left with something to make a large print with.”

    Croping is for lazy amateurs. Learn how to compose pictures first.

  • Robert Grimm

    Cropping is also for people who don’t have the right focal length lens and can’t place the camera where it needs to be to get the shot without cropping. Some people would rather get the less than ideal shot and fix it later than not get the shot at all.

  • Bazaray

    I have a 1D & a 5D and use both at the same time, so I only get the… why do you use Canon and not Nikon?

    I answer…
    Same reason I use Apple Mac, cus im a snob and can afford nice things now move away from me peasant with you fuji fine pix.

    i joke of course… i dont even talk to them.

  • Nathan Caulford

    Right, But I have a 1d.

  • Nathan Caulford

    … Better for what? That’s the question people miss. If you’re shooting something that requires a crazy frame rate, then yes, the 1d is definitely a better camera… for that specific application. Dang funny video!

  • Libby Stack

    Bet the character uses a Canon logo neckstrap too ;-)

  • Guest

    Cropping is a tool of creativity.

  • Knur

     No is not.

  • Guest

    I’ll buy all Canon DSLR if I have the money.

  • Knur

     Camera snobbery

  • newamericanclassic

    should have thrown in a guy with an iphone into the mix. or better yet, a Holga.

  • danno

    Photo composition has dick to do with what your client wants to use your photos for in their marketing campaign. If someone’s putting together a graphically intense ad space using only a portion of your image, then you need to crop.

  • Mouse_potato

    Why are we surprised, people do this with their phones. Sheer madness.

  • Elias Rodriguez

    I own a D90, and although I could benefit from a D800, I know how to compose, I know how to use both natural and artificial light and my compositions look good. My D90 will print at 12 megapixels large enough to hang in a gallery. To the gentleman commenting on the bottlenecking of equipment, yes equipment can be limiting at times, but that is the challange of making good work, pushing through limitations and making great art out of those limitations. There is not 1 piece of equipment that *makes* you a better artist.

  • Zane Richards

    Actually yes it is. If you limit your usage of different tools and’re just limiting yourself. I find your statement somewhat amusing considering the topic of discussion here.