Magical Scenes Created by Light Painting with Stencils

Flickr user TigTab creates beautiful scenes by light painting with hand-cut stencils. For each shot, the camera’s shutter is left open while she moves about the location, firing her flash through the stencils in various locations to add the individual items to the scene. Some photographs take up to four hours to create from start to finish.

You can find a tutorial on how she creates her stencils here.

Light Stencils by TigTab (via My Modern Met)

Image credits: Photographs by TigTab and used with permission

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  • Joey Duncan

    That is fricken awesome! except maybe the little people, they’re kinda creepy…… haha

  • seanlucky

     See, “Princess Mononoke,” for reference! Very accurate recreation!

  • Elizabeth H. Crane

    take up to four hours to create from start to finish.

  • mugget man

    Now that is very awesome! I have never even remotely thought of the possibility of using stencils in that way. Mad props!