Chinese Commuters Floating on Invisible Bicycles

Floating is a series of manipulated photographs by Chinese photographer Zhao Huasen showing people in China riding around on invisible bicycles.

You can find more of Huasen’s work over at Feizi Gallery.

(via EGoA)

Image credits: Photographs by Zhao Huasen and used with permission

  • Ninpou_kobanashi

    Look Ma!  I can do X with PS!

  • Ann

    This is almost as good a the official road inspection photos.

  • ZD

    I always love these things.  They’re so funny

  • Happyhepp

    Luke, May the 4th be with u :)

  • Ranger 9

    …they’re also wearing invisible helmets, I assume.

  • Ninpou_kobanashi

    Asian’s are hard headed, they don’t need no stinkin’ helmets!

    JK (^_^)<- Asian

  • Valicootasun

    Folks poke fun, but I give the guy props for originality. 

  • Zak Henry

    Second to last guy has an interesting pedal arrangement

  • Travis Ibey

     Second to last guy = scooter (look at the shadow)

  • bdoubleu

    What’s missing is a picture of an entire family all sitting on the imaginary bike.

  • AwesomeRobot

    Yeah, no one really wears helmets in China. Maybe 1 out of 100 at best.

  • Samantha Kirk

    Wow!! awesome pictures.. yeah as bdoubleu says an entire family would have been awesome!!

  • Felicia Corrine

    Good pictures!!! Thanks for sharing!

  • Rita Dawson

    Pretty cool manipulation photography! Lovely! Hats off!

  • Tanya

    OMG this one looks like magic. Simply superb pictures are. A real visual treat they are.

  • Lakshmi L

    I totally agree with you on this one Samantha. I thought the same as well having looked at the pictures…

  • Nathan Brown

    really awesome photos…can I see more and more in the future? I did love to.

  • Elizabeth H. Crane

    the guy props for originality.

  • Nickyurick

    so how does he get the bike out so cleanly?

  • Elcio Cardoso da Silva

    Just like my money: invisible.

  • KS

    must have worked hard to get them bikes out. neat trick.

  • newamericanclassic

    humorous and original :)

  • YigDaHig

    Wow this makes a whole lot of sense dude. very cool stuff! 

  • I love betty white

    Has anyone seen Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon? There are no bicycles folks!!! Just some photos of the Chinese hovering about in their daily lives got leaked and now they magically have a “floating picture series”! They even added fake but decent looking bicycle shadows for authenticity. Don’t believe the lies!!! Open your eyes!!! Betty White 2012

  • Stephen Schroeder

    I hate to spoil this … but this is really easy to do.  (It is creative, but it is not the first person to do this either.  I have seen simular stuff done in Korea 3 years ago where the girl was flying)  Anyways, it is done with 2 pictures.  Take one picture with the bike and riders; and when the bike has left the spot, take another picture with a clean shot of the road.  After the two pictures, use the 2nd picture to paint over the bike.

  • Guest

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