The Beauty of Extreme Sports in Super Slow Motion

If there was an official list of things that are too epic, this video would probably be somewhere on it. It’s a compilation of videos showing various extreme sports captured in super slow motion.

  • Zak Henry

    Some sports more extreme than others

  • Guest

    Strange. There are so many posts here fighting for the “right” of a persons photographic image. Yet a person makes a compilation of other peoples footage and gets the views and the creds? If parts of that video were mine I would definitely not be happy. 

  • SigDaVig

    Man that jsut looks like its gonna be cool! WOw.

  • Soma Jones

    Why do they always use such boring, pompous music for this kind of thing?

  • gogole

    I only like to watch extreme sports but scare to try it.

  • Afex505

    just to add, there is a skateboarding vid for Girl (name of the company) called “yeah, right!” which features an entire opening sequence in slow-mo. To make it even better, the skating is done over some dust/dirt, so the fliptricks make sort of cool patters when they pop off the ground: 

  • Guza_08

    muy pero muy bueno

  • E Adam Quinn

    What the hell is basketball doing in this video?