Unexpected Tornadoes Make for Some Unforgettable Wedding Photos

Caleb and Candra Pence had a couple unexpected guests crash their wedding in Kansas last Saturday: tornadoes! The two twisters touched down roughly 10 miles away during the ceremony but — luckily for everyone involved — were not moving. Wedding photographer Cate Eighmey took advantage of the rare situation by having the newlyweds pose with the twisters in the background. The resulting photographs have taken the Internet by storm (haha, get it?), and the Pences have spent their honeymoon in Wyoming handling calls from the media.

Here’s some footage from the service that’s going viral:

Image credits: Photographs by Cate Eighmey and used with permission

  • guest

    Haha, took the internet by storm, haha, oh shit, the irony.

  • Grammar

     That’s not irony, it’s a play on words.

  • Alan Dove

    Whatever blows your skirt up.

  • Wallerus

    Isn’t it ironic there’s a tornado in the background? Alanis thinks so.

  • S8nBoi

    If that’s not a foretelling of the marriage events yet to come, I don’t know what is… 

  • goofball

    Tornadoes are a “rare situation” in Kansas?  Riiiight…

  • Michael Rowland

    Alanis needs a dictionary.

  • Paul Krol

    there’s a tornado in the background and these are the best images he gets? Thought he could have done a bit better..

  • Michael Durwin

    I bet it was a whirlwind romance

  • Michael Durwin

    At first she wouldn’t marry him, he had to twist’er arm

  • Michael Durwin

    I was blown away by his choice of wedding attire.

  • Oliver Lea

    These puns are really winding me up.

  • Curtis Farmer

    I realize there are freaking tornadoes in the background of the photos, but my OCD just won’t let go of the slanted horizon… must….fix….

  • Bob

    its so annoying that these mediocre photographers get all this attention because of lucky elements in their photos…other than the tornadoes, there is nothing impressive here. lol

  • Jennifer Baker

    Good Wedding Attire ….what to say about sky ….playing like he is enjoying in newlyweds ceremony

  • me, myself

    thats kinda the point– the tornadoes make it impressive :P

  • Gallegos Lisa

    I however would not be so calm. i would be runing!

  • Bob

    yeah i get that. lol but this just seems to happen so often, and im sure all of this exposure online has gotten them business…despite the lack of good work haha

  • Michael Durwin

    The most important photographs in history are not necessarily by excellent photographers with a unique style and perfect style-life composition, but of the photographer who was in the right place at the right time. Other than the Beatles photo, none of these were staged: