19 Poses in 30 Seconds for a Fashion Cover Photograph

Canadian fashion model Coco Rocha is quite talented at “freestyling” poses, or doing a bunch of useable poses off the top of her head in rapid succession. Last year a video showing Rocha doing 50 poses in 30 seconds went viral on the web. The video above shows her doing 19 “action poses” in just 30 seconds for a fashion cover shoot. Who knew modeling required so much cardio?

(via Photojojo)

Update: As a bonus, here are 50 facial poses in 30 seconds:

  • Dan Howard

    No wonder she’s so thin, too much cardio!

  • rtfe

    murders and executions

  • Dan

    pro models are great :D

  • Mannequin007

    Fair enough.. good for her that she’s good in stlying pose..

  • 9inchnail

    Success Kid: Have a seizure – Be considered great model.

  • Rjk48fv

    More exercise than most North Americans get in a week…

  • Trevharvey