Watch This Male Model Strike 25 Poses in 30 Seconds


If you ever find yourself with only 30 seconds to shoot in a studio and the need to capture 25 poses, you’ll need to find a model with some unusual rapid-fire posing skills… like this guy.

Sick Chirpse posted this viral 30-second video showing the model striking 25 poses in less than half a minute, with his transitions synced to the rhythmic sounds of the camera and strobes. It’s like the modeling equivalent of freestyle rapping:

A+ catalogue model skills

Posted by Sick Chirpse on Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Impressively, the model used the same face for all 25 poses — his version of Zoolander’s “Blue Steel,” perhaps?

Back in 2012, we shared a video of Canadian fashion model Coco Rocha striking 19 different poses in 30 seconds for a fashion cover shoot. A year earlier, Rocha also got attention for showing how to do 50 different closeup poses in 30 seconds.