Canon Going the Way of the Pancake, 40mm f/2.8 Coming in June

Pancake lenses are becoming quite popular in the industry, especially with smaller mirrorless cameras, as their small form factor allows for greater portability. Canon will soon be jumping onto the pancake bandwagon with its EF line of lenses. Canon Rumors reports that Canon will be announcing a small, thin, and light EF 40mm f/2.8 pancake lens that should cost less than $300. Expect to see the lens announced next month along with the new Rebel T4i and a new EF-S 18-135mm IS II lens.

(via Canon Rumors)

Image credit: Panasonic Lumix G 20mm/1,7 ASPH pancake lens by Håkan Dahlström

  • Komandir

    Pancake Lens -> compact, mirrorless, (APS-C)? Body.

  • kingkool68

    Meh. My 50mm f/1.8 for less than $99 suits me just fine. 

  • sayithere
  • Lee Harris

    Soooo what ! I am loving my new EM-5 with 40mm f 1.7 equivalent. Canikon playing catch up, oh except it’s a crappy f2.8!

  • Bokehbokeh

    A 14mm pancake would be cooler.

  • JD929

    The best that can be done is to slap a Canon logo on a Panasonic lens and camera?

  • Rosscova

    I assume you’re talking about a 20mm f1.7 lens. In terms of depth of field, your lens is “equivalent” to around f3.4.

    Yes, this Canon pancake is a pretty slow lens, but don’t go thinking your micro-4/3 lenses are “equivalent” in every way.

  • branden rio

    Haha, the original article’s illustration is a stack of pancakes, like the kind with syrup and butter. Much tastier, in my opinion. Less vignetting, too.

  • Mario Meneghin

    this is the 20 1.7 

  • Bogdan Zagan

     too bad you have a low light crappy sensor :)

  • Matthew S.

    in terms of DOF.. in terms of aperture, it is 2 stop more than 2.8. Time has changed, with that price, size and image quality, micro four third is better choice than APS-C sensor DSLRs.

  • Guest

    Why a pancake for the ef system? The camera is still hefty. If Canon were planning to do as Pentax and make a mirrorless camera with a flange distance equal to their dslrs and uses canons’s “almost-aps-c-size sensor” I could see the point of an ef-s pancake lens (the trade off being a mirrorless camera that is huge of course).

  • Guest

    1.4 would be 2 stops more than 2.8

  • stanimir stoyanov

    How exactly would a pancake lens work on an SLR?

  • Kaitanium

    what camera body is that???

  • Kaitanium

    looks like a panasonic GF2

  • Kaitanium

    wait, thats just a panasonic 20mm photoshopped with a canon logo lol

  • steveniphoto

    dont see the point of having a pancake lens on a canon dslr. 40mm on crop is just a plain awkward focal length and if i were using full frame/film i’d have a 50 1.8 slapped on the front.

  • Lindsay

    This doesn’t make any sense