Images on Fabric, Making Photos You Can Wear

If you’ve ever had the urge to clothe yourself in photography — or just wanted an easy DIY guide for getting photos onto fabric — Wearable Photos courtesy of Photojojo offers a great solution to your sartorial dilemma. If you intend on making clothing then you’ll need to have some sewing ability, but if that doesn’t appeal to you there are many other fabrics that could do with some photography pasted on it.

Check out the entire DIY guide for a detailed list of “ingredients” and step-by-step walkthrough of the whole process.

Wearable Photos: A DIY guide [Photojojo]

  • will hall

    its nice that its been done subtle, almost like a pattern rather than a colour photo stuck in the middle of a white t-shirt

  • haohe382
  • Bargainwagon

    looks interesting and very old school style.

  • yummania

    cyanotype is poisonous so not very smart to wear it.