Fun Weekend Project: How to Make a DIY Pop-Up Print


If you’re looking to make a DIY gift or keepsake, the folks at Photojojo have come up with a great project for you. It’s a clever pop-up photo print that can be packed (and shipped) flat, then opened up to create a 3D version of the photograph of your choosing.

As for how you actually create this pop-up print, the materials and instructions are pretty basic. For materials, you’ll need a couple of prints (more prints will allow you to make the pop-up more dimensional), a cutting knife, scissors, cardstock and double-sided tape.

Once you have your materials gathered, you’re onto the creation of the print.


You start by dividing up your image into the specific depths you want, from which you will then cut the prints accordingly.

Once cut, you’re onto cutting and folding the strips of cardstock to create the basic structure of the pop-up, followed by taping the cut-out prints to the folded cardstock.

Finally, you take those constructed pieces and properly line them up on the original print to give it its extra dimension. Stack the layers accordingly and, once you’re done, you’re ready to frame the final product and show it off to the world.




For a more detailed run-down on the instructions and bonus ideas for spicing it up even more, head on over to Photojojo’s comprehensive step-by-step tutorial below.

DIY Pop-Up Photos [Photojojo]