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Photojojo Announces Unique Lo-Fi Printing Service, Will Make 3’x4′ ‘Engineer Prints’



Earlier today, Photojojo announced its latest endeavor called “Engineer Prints.” Sold under the tagline, “your photos, human-sized,” Engineer Prints offer a unique, inexpensive way to bring your digital images into the real world… in a big way.


Rather than focusing on multiple sizes and quality printers, Photojojo’s Engineer Prints are all printed as 3’x4’ images using industrial printers that are usually used for architectural and engineering work (hence the name).

Basically, Photojojo is applying the Lo-Fi approach seen across their other products to the final step of the photographic process, printing the halftone black and white only prints on lightweight, 20lb bond paper.


The advantage of this approach is, as you might expect, price. Each 3’x4’ print will cost only $25 shipped, making them useful for a plethora of DIY projects, such as DIY wallpaper, custom giftwrap, massive photobooth prints and jumbo photo street art.

It’s a unique approach to printing and certainly carves out a niche that, to my knowledge, no other printer has yet been brave enough to attempt.


Head on over to their site for more information or if you’d like to give it a shot and upload a photo for yourself. Shipping takes two weeks, so you have some time to decide what you’ll be doing with your massive, Lo-Fi print.