How To Make a 150-foot Wireless Remote by Hacking a Garage Door Opener

While working on some light painting shots, Sawo from Enlightpaintment was frustrated that he had to keep running back and forth from his camera. Even using an IR remote he was adding seconds of unnecessary exposure during which he wasn’t actually doing anything but running. So, in a fit of creativity, he decided to put together his own DIY wireless remote using about $20 worth of equipment from Radio Shack and EBay.

The final product works from up to 150 feet away, enabling him to trigger his Canon (one can be made for Nikon as well) without all of the running, cut down his exposure times, and ultimately get better, more creative shots. And even though making your own will take a little bit of DIY ability, we can think of many scenarios where having a cheap, 150-foot range camera remote could come in very handy.

(via DIYPhotography)

  • haohe382
  • Dan Howard

    That was awesome. Great vid

  • András László József Halák
  • Joakim

    Agree and have the one from Yongnou. 
    DIY in all the honor but if you wanna save money it’s better it’s a good idea to first look at some cheap Asian gear…

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    Cool! It’s always advantageous if you can DIY. You can almost make anything that you need and want.

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    Do you know those apartment video screens where you buzz people in? do you think i can use this to make that wireless?