Shutterstock Files for IPO, Reveals Its Internal Facts and Figures

This past Monday, stock photography behemoth Shutterstock filed documents with the SEC to have an IPO and list its shares on the New York Stock Exchange. The process requires Shutterstock to reveal its financial details, so the document provides an interesting look at how the company ticks and the state of the stock photography industry.

Here’s what we learn: the company raked in $120 million last year and pocketed $21.9 as profit. That revenue came from 58 million paid downloads sold to 550,000 that year. They currently offer a library of 19 million photos (and illustrations) and half a million videos from 35,000 contributors. The average cost of a photo on the site stands at $3.

Here’s an infographic included in the filing that shows some facts and figures:

The company is hoping to raise around $115 million through its public offering.

(via SEC via TechCrunch via A Photo Editor)

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  • Avignon

    Interesting info, I wonder how that compares with the other big stock photo player.