Instagram Concept Camera May Become a Reality, Now Seeking Crowdfunding

A couple of weeks ago two concepts for a “real-life” Instagram camera rolled across our computer screens — one fake and funny, one real and kind of cool — but we were pretty certain that neither of them would become a reality any time soon. It seems, however, that we’re being proven wrong by ADR Studio‘s Antonio De Rosa and the crowdsourcing site Indiegogo.

In the six days since he’s posted his camera (the second, non-joke, pretty cool one) on Indiegogo, his project has already raised over $2,300 of the $50,000 he’s aiming for. If the campaign is a success he plans on using the money to find a great partner and bring the camera into the real world. All contributors to the successful campaign would then receive a “massive discount” on the final product which he is hoping to sell for under $350. If you want more info on the camera you can find it on our original post or his Indiegogo page.

Socialmatic Camera on Indiegogo (via Huffington Post)

  • Peteyk Styles

    Under $350? Seriously….  

  • Noisebot

    raising funds to make a product infringing on the image/brand of an app owned by a billion dollar company, while using the form factor of another billion dollar company’s biggest products (you can’t tell me that isn’t completely stolen from the iPhone 4)? yeah, that’ll work.

  • Kevin Henney

    I’m sure the lawyers at Instagram/Facebook will shut this down momentarily. Without the cute (and trademark-infringing) Instagram logo what do they really have here? And who would pay anywhere near $350 for such a thing as an unbranded product? Without the endorsement of Instagram, this is a non-starter.

  • Samcornwell

    1970 Polaroid owners all over the world are cringing.

  • JD929

    Polaroid already made a camera that can print a digital photo.  Polaroid Instant Digital Camera with ZINK Zero Ink Printing Technology Z230E

    I think it would be simpler to hack these things than start from scratch.

  • Dre

    This is just a modern day polaroid.