Canon Patents Imprecise EXIF Data for Shooters Concerned with Privacy

9 out of 10 adults in America believe that people are over-sharing sensitive personal information. One culprit is the GPS-enabled camera, which can reveal exactly where you were at a specific time by baking the information into photos. If you’re uncomfortable with how specific this EXIF data is, Canon has a solution: fuzzy precision. The company has patented a system that may one day allow its camera users to choose “low precision” EXIF data. This means cameras would record rough and non-specific details of when and where an image was made. Instead of 12:31pm, it might record it was 12-1pm, and instead of a particular location, it might provide a general area on a map.

(via Egami via Canon Watch)

  • Christopher

    Unless this is on a phone, it makes no sense to me.  I do sometimes make my EXIF fuzzy when posting to the internet, but I want lightroom to be able to order capture times precisely.  That is I might want control over the precision I _share_ but I want absolute precision in the photos I _store_.  Where you need a fuzziness algorithm isn’t on the camera but on whatever either on the posting software (preferable) or the hosting service.