DIY Continuous Ring Light for Under $20

Continuous lights aren’t used as often when shooting stills, but for those of you who enjoy using your SLR to shoot the occasional (or more than occasional) video, this cheap DIY ring light may be worth a shot. If you’re going to attempt it, know in advance that you’ll need to have a little bit of DIY savvy and a few tools handy (a soldering iron and a dremel tool), but as long as you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty and do some basic electrical work, the final product seems to work pretty well — and looks cool to boot.

$20 DIY Ring Light Tutorial (via ISO1200)

  • junyo

    Considering that, you can buy a pre-built low end ringlight on Amazon for $30, unless your time is absolutely worth nothing, and/or you’re going for that whole “made in my mom’s basement” look for your equipment, not really seeing the point.

  • Will

    come on petapixel! 4 of your posts on the home screen are ISO1200 articles… you can do better!

  • Garry Dow

    What is “soddering”? Its soldering!

  • Tyler

     I think I’d agree with you on this one.  I made a crappy reflector once, then later bought the real deal for not much more.. sigh.. I should have bought the proper product in the first place.  That said, sometimes making the thing is the fun of it!

  • ISO 1200 Magazine

     Hi Will. We love Petapixel posts our articles.