3MP Sample Photo Shows What Google Glass Will Help People Capture

Google has published a second sample photo captured using its Google Glass augmented reality glasses. This time it’s a 3MP photograph captured by Googler Sebastian Thrun while spinning with his son Jasper. It’s an interesting example of the moments people will soon be able to capture if wearable, voice-controlled cameras become a part of how we document our lives. No word on whether the camera quality has improved since the first sample photo was released, but this latest one sure looks better.

(via 1001 Noisy Cameras)

  • Richard Horsfield

    If they used our own eyes as the lenses it would be very interesting. Like the HUD helicopter pilots use to display data directly into the retina, but in reverse.

  • Toby Harriman

    You don’t need google glasses to do this. There is an awesome picture from Juan Gonzalez of this same subject.

  • Knur

    Nothing original. Simpsons did it.

  • Free_Base2012

    In real life there will be a health insurance ad that will suddenly pop up and make you drop your kid. However, Google will sell the data that says you swing your kid around to insurance companies, so your premium will be ridiculously high. Maybe regular glasses are best after all….