Behind the Scenes at a Ford Fusion Ad Campaign Shoot with Dave Hill

This behind the scenes video shows photographer Dave Hill shooting a very complicated composite shot for a Ford Fusion ad. Not every one of the photos you see him working on in the video made it into the final composites, which you can see here, but you’ve got to appreciate the amount of work something like this takes to get right; not just in post-production, but during the shoot as well.

(via Fstoppers)

  • Tom A.

    What is that software they use on the computers?


    where is final result ?

  • OSAM

    If you read things, you’ll find information


  • OSAM
  • OSAM

    Can I just say it? I really do NOT like Dave Hill’s editing.



  • Guilherme Savarego

    anyone knows how is the editing/post-production of Dave Hill ? how get close to that feel of “drawing” or something ?