Flickr Ups Max Displayed Resolution to 2048px and Adds Size Controls

The folks at Flickr don’t seem to be slowing down for anything. In the fight to stay relevant as more and more competition springs up, we’ve seen the Yahoo! photo sharing site go through an overhaul ranging from looks to a new uploader. And now Flickr is adding two new photo sizes and a new image control setting for its Pro members.

As you can see in the above before and after, the new sizes allow you to display your work in, if not all its glory, then at least most of it. The new sizes are 1600 and 2048 pixels and are already showing up if applicable. Flickr has also included a new image setting, through which Pro members can set a maximum display size. In this way paying members can upload the full-sized image, but limit the maximum size he or she would like displayed.

The update is live as of yesterday; all photos uploaded since March 1st already have the new sizes available, and Pro users should see the new “Image Size Settings” under “Your Account.”

(via Flickr)

  • OSAM

    I’ve always been able to set a max display size for the public: I upload my images at full-res for my own needs, but limit it to “large” (which i believe is 1024 wide) for everyone but myself.

  • rohicks

    I’m not sure what overhaul you’re seeing, but I still see the same outdated flickr.

  • Bua

    Flickr is blocking my EXIFS when I post on forums. It’s time to use Picasa I think.

  • Dnguyen

    Oh you fancy, huh?