Epic Photographs of Futuristic Locations

German photographer Christian Stoll‘s “Epic” series features epic wide angle photographs of futuristic locations. The spaces are immense and the scale dizzying.

Epic by Christian Stoll (via The Fox is Black)

Image credits: Photographs by Christian Stoll and used with permission

  • Renato Murakami


  • Jim T May

    For some reason the 3rd picture “epic3_mini” reminds me of the dark knight rises…

  • russianbox

    how does he make these?

  • SwedishKiwi

    The 4th picture, “epic4″, also reminds me of a movie. The torture chamber scene in Brazil.

  • ChiliFF45

    I’m also interested in the process to create these. That’d be a nice follow-up to this post.

  • TingoZing

    Oh wow, that is some pretty amazing stuff dude. WOw.

  • runbadscott

    Where is the description of each picture? I would like to know where they were taken.

  • Fabiano Silva

    it’s probably a composite from many different places and photos. I think it would be useful say in the post that this is a hired work for microsoft and IBM and not a personal work.

  • Steve Waugh

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