Trigger Your Camera 12 Different Ways With Triggertrap’s New App

When we told you about the StrikeFinder app earlier, we mentioned that what set it apart was that it used your actual iPhone’s camera; it wasn’t just acting as the trigger. Well, Trigertrap’s new mobile app is just acting as the trigger, but it’s acting as a very comprehensive trigger.

In total you have to spend about $30 to take advantage of Triggertrap’s new mobile offering ($10 app + $20 camera cable and mobile dongle) but for everything the app offers the price seems more than reasonable. You get 12 different triggering modes, compatibility with almost 300 cameras (just buy the right cable), and the app looks slick to boot.

The triggering modes are definitely the pièce de résistance of the app; 12 in all, these include time-lapse, eased time-lapse (gives the impression of time speeding up), distance-lapse, magnet-triggered, motion-triggered, shock-triggered, and sound-triggered — the app even includes facial recognition and HDR modes.

Here’s a short introduction video:

To top it all off Triggertrap hasn’t forgotten to include more basic features: if you so choose, you can still use the app as a traditional wired remote, complete with timed exposure mode (up to 60 mins), bulb mode, and timed bulb mode. As with the StrikeFinder app, you never know how well it will perform until people start using it in the real world, but the first few iTunes reviews have us thinking this app really is all it’s cracked up to be. Those of you who have already ordered yours, feel free to let us know how it works in the comments down below.

TriggerTrap (via DPreview)

  • JH

    Sounds great. What about a Android version?

  • WittWendy84

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  • strangepuppy

    “Well, Trigertrap’s new mobile app is just acting as the trigger, but it’s acting as a very comprehensive trigger.”

    actually, most modes work with the internal idevice camera as well.

  • Mark Lee

    Can you tell me what the cable and “dongle” are? Are these specific for the phone hardware?

  • Triggertrap


    The dongle is a signal processor so your camera can speak to your phone. The cable is a… er… cable.

  • Aleksander Dye

    I recieved mine yesterday and it was great! One Dongle for my iPhone and one cord to my Nikon D800. The great thing is that the cord is $9,90 and if you have several cameras ther is a cord to fit. The App i great and about $12 i guess (70 NOK,- since I live i Norway I get the prices in NOK. Amazon was the place to buy the dongle and cord) I was within minutes making self portraits by snapping my fingers (sound detectinon)!

    Really looking forward to using it more in the futrue!